Deadpool vs. Comic-Con


I’ll have a full Comic-Con gallery up in a day or two when I finish sorting through all the best costumes, but in the meanwhile, let Deadpool be your guide on a journey through SDCC.

He shows off some dance moves all over Con with various other characters, and though he’s not terribly coordinated for an assassin, it’s pretty ¬†funny to watch him in action.

When are we actually going to get a Deadpool movie where he’s bouncing all around and cracking jokes like he’s supposed to? And no, Ryan Reynolds you are not invited back.

  • McTimm

    Another fun moment for Deadpool from Comic Con with Amon from Korra:

  • Albatraous

    Ryan Reynolds not as Deadpool? Most of the internet thinks he should be a proper Deadpool. Why don’t you like him in this role?
    I am just shocked as I thought it was unanimous he would be the best choice.

  • Sam

    Ryan Reynolds is still pretty perfect for the role. Sure, they raped the character in Wolverine but it definitely wasn’t his fault.
    They did actually announce a deadpool game with a hilarious trailer.

  • eLTeezy

    Shut up about Ryan Reynolds! This guy right here is the fuckin’ man! He makes everything look so damn fun!