Chat Roulette: The Movie


Since Chat Roulette became the crack cocaine of the internet over the last month, someone decided to go and make a mini-documentary about it, which you can see above. It’s just a short analysis of the site, and a little bit of a demographic breakdown of the chatters among three very appropriate groups: guys, girls and perverts.

It also features the very unsurprising stat that funny looking guys get nexted all the time, and hot girls never do. Life’s just not fair is it?

I know Madison already wrote about his experiences with Chat Roulette, but here are some of my highlights in my very brief time with the site.

– Getting into a yelling match with Ohio State fans once I told them I went to Michigan. I eventually nexted them out of spite.

– Having a fifteen year old girl do a booty dance for me (something I did NOT request). I’m really glad I don’t have a teenage girl in this day and age of technology.

– A really hot girl chatting for a bit, then panning down to her crotch where sure enough, there was a giant dong. “Epic trap,” she said. Scarring.

– About 50 or so other dongs of various shapes and sizes. I had no idea there were this many insane people in the world who desperately want to whack off in real time in front of random people all over the world.

– A heartbreaking exchange where I talked to a very cute, tattooed Australian girl for a solid twenty minutes, which is like three years in Chat Roulette time. Then tragically, when she lifted up her laptop to take me outside and show me what a real Outback barbecue looked like, we were tragically disconnected, and she was lost to the oblivion. I’m still pretty sad about that.

Nothing good can come of this infernal site.

  • Madison

    The more I read about Chat Roulette, the more I realize how lucky I am to have seen only a couple of dongs.

  • T-rex

    I think about that Australian girl from time to time 🙁

  • JZ

    Very very lucky

  • matt

    You are right about nothing good coming from that site. I spent about an hour and a half over three days on it and in that time I had one decent conversation with a hot British chick, another with a rather strange guy from Florida and saw more dick than four years of football and six years of gym locker rooms combined. Not to mention the fact that I was “nexted” by about 100 people as quickly as possible once they saw what I thought was my at least pleasant looking face. Even though for the most part I was just as quickly going to “next” them it still hurts the self-esteem a bit.

  • Bjørnulf

    You got it!

  • I never met so many interesting people on chatroulette. Besides the “jerk offs” I get to see so many unique costumes and boob signs. Some of the masks are hilarious as well.

  • Velovan

    I spent an hour on there and all I got was guys. I only got a few dongs, though, which I guess makes me lucky. I’ve heard of people finding cute girls buried in the rough, but I’m not sure looking at three dozen dicks for the chance to maybe talk to one normal person is worth the effort.

  • Thor the Toucher

    There is this amazing new implementation of chatroulette. It’s called


    Try it. It is fucking sweet.