A Cosplay Paradise at Colossalcon

Another day, another cosplay music video, though this time my friend David Hoang had nothing to do with it, surprisingly. This is from something called Colossalcon, which takes place in Sandusky, Ohio, which may not mean anything to you, but for me, growing up in the midwest, this was PARADISE.

Why? Because it’s where CEDAR POINT is, home of the best rollercoasters and water parks in uh, well at least in the midwest. Though I’ve been to other parks everywhere, and have never found better rides. The Magnum! The Gemini! The Millenium Force! The Power Tower! The Top Thrill Dragster Which is Almost Always Broken! Ahhh, the memories.

What was I talked about again? Oh yeah, cosplay, music, dancing. Watch above.

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  1. Mike aka MonolithTMA June 27, 2014

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