10 Incredibly Accurate Impersonations By People You Wouldn’t Recognize


I’m always up for a good impersonation.   In fact nothing pisses me off more than when someone does a bad impersonation.  Not only do you want to tell them to shut up, but the fact that they’re even attempting the impression usually means they think they’re good at it.  So that actually pisses me off even more.

However, when someone gets it right, you definitely have to give them credit.  And sometimes you’re even amazed at how accurate their representation of the imitated character is.

Here are 10 incredibly accurate impersonations by people you wouldn’t recognize.

Young guy doing Michael Caine

This is amazing.

Aries Spears Rap Medley

There’s no way you could tell these weren’t the real people if you didn’t see this guys face.

Stewie Griffin

How old is this kid?  His voice is awfully low.  Hell of a good job here though.

Reggie Reg does Denzel Washington


A Great Al Pacino Impression by Craig Gass

The “hoo hah” at the end sucked but other than that, damed good.

I Have No Clue what this is

But it HAS to be good.  The crowd was going ballistic

Christopher Walken

It’s only 15 seconds but it works

Nicholas Cage Impression

This is amazing.

Pablo Francisco does the Don LaFontaine

This guy could easily replace LaFontaine

Howard Stern

Dead on

  • Holy Shit.

    Pacino I’ve seen, the Michael Caine was SPOT ON.

  • kvfitz

    The Howard Stern is… seamless. He’s so spot on, it’s not even really satire.

  • Lotus Eater

    LOVED Pablo’s Don LaFontaine… that is one hard voice to do! I’ve been working on it myself since he passed away (and can do a passable Ahhnold) but the way he seamlessly transitions between Don, Arnold and Keanu is priceless. Will have to check out more of his stuff. Also dug the Michael Caine and Howard Stearns guys…

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  • Chyeah

    Damn, no Frank Caliendo?

  • Ben

    Youtube apparently is killing any website that digg posts a link too. This is very annoying, bad youtube, bad!

  • yeah, no frank caliendo??? the list is nowhere complete without him

  • SyXX

    DC Lugi does a way better Pacino.

  • brendan

    you missed one which i think is just awesome. kevin spacey doing 5 or six different people


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  • No Frank? That’s tirubble.

  • NYC

    That Stern impression is the best.

  • These are great impressions! I like the
    Nicholas Cage Impression best.

    thanks from tony

  • Rahxy

    Does it count if it’s a celebrity impersonating another celebrity?


    (PS: the Nicholas Cage one is my favorite.)

  • LB

    This list is great but its incomplete with Kevin Pollack’s Christopher Walken impression…it’s just too good!

  • Nattyb

    People, it’s impersonations by people you DON’T recognize. Hello?

  • GabrielB

    I recognize Aries Spears.

    Anyway, you really should have included Max Koch and his amazing Tony Soprano:


    He does a good Christopher too. Actually, he does a bunch of voices, but his Tony is just eerie. Easily one of the best impressionists I’ve ever seen.

  • Not positive, but think the one you don’t know is Christine Aguilera and Andre Bocelli…for sure I think it’s Bocelli tho.

  • tai mai shu

    Q: what’s the opposite of Christopher Walken?
    A: Christopher Reeve!

  • savidge

    Christina Aguilera plays Samantha from Sex and the City…..toooooo funny……


  • Jason

    Yes that’s right, no Frank Caliendo. This blog has a strict “NO DIPSHITS” policy.

  • MARK

    the Walken Impersonation was by far the best

  • Wayne

    I commend you for ignoring Frank Caliendo.

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  • Jes

    Okay, so the Michael Caine impression actually frightened me….There’s something wrong and unnatural about his voice coming out of someone else’s mouth.

    But the Nicolas Cage one was amazing. Wow.

  • The kid that does stewie, is quite good at what he does. I checked out the jack sparrow video.. and if you close your eyes.. he sounds so much like him! Some of these people are incredible! ThumbsUp Stumble!

  • alexsanernecropolis

    The “I Have No Clue what this is” one sounds like Josh Groban

  • Sean

    The Christopher Walken is damn good, but the best Walken is Jay Mohr. It’s uncanny.

  • bailey

    This guy does the best Walken I’ve ever seen:

  • Apathygrrl

    After I watched the Al Pacino one, I clicked on the link for Matt Damon doing an impression of Matthew McConaughey on Letterman. That was too funny. I know it’s doesn’t fit the rules of your list but I just had to mention it cuz it was hilarious. Also, a while ago I saw one of Jim Carrey doing David Caruso on Letterman. He’s so awesome.

  • wormocious

    I’d have to say that the best Walken impression I have ever seen is by Jay Mohr.

  • joelle


    kevin spacey does the most INCREDIBLE impersonations you will ever see.

  • xtheenderx

    “I have no clue what this is” Thats actually a korean comedy show and the person was doing an impression of a famous korean pop song from back in the day, which is obviously a duet.

  • Colin

    JEFF DAVIS!!! Jeff Davis does THE best Christopher Walken impersonation in the world! why is he not there?

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  • It’s a damn shame you didn’t include Eddie Murhpy impersonating Elvis in “Delirious” 🙂

  • quebeker

    Jay Mohr is better than any of these guys.
    Better than Caliendo.
    Is Colin Quinn is better than Colin Quinn.
    Same with Walken.
    And his Pacino is awesome.

    A couple clips of him on Opie and Anthony:


  • lol

    All the retards who are saying “Where’s Frank Caliendo?” need to reread the title of the damn post…

  • lol

    “It’s a damn shame you didn’t include Eddie Murhpy impersonating Elvis in “Delirious””

    You don’t recognize Eddie Murphy?

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  • cjw

    That Walken was weak; you need to look harder. -.-

  • R

    that michael caine one was fantastic, even if you look at him, his facial expressions are spot one, if you’re reading this then good one mate

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  • Karlito

    I think one of the unknown ones is Se7en – I think he’s singing in Korean – the TV channel logo is of a Korean TV channel anyway. If it’s Japanese then I’m totally wrong. For example: http://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialSe7en#p/u/19/QEG9FaPkMNk

  • le_petit_prince

    The korean dude belongs to band called “Flower”
    He sings a song that was dueted by fast girl singer and a popera singer.

    It wasn’t exact portrayal of the song but pretty close match. It just funny for one man to do two toally different voice in on song.

  • Drunkerthensh__
  • Murfadur1000

    OMG that Walken is PERFECT. I could not stop lauhing. I however can do a pretty good Sean Connery, from when everybody tells me.

  • triton2toro

    I don’t get the big deal about a Walken impression- who the hell doesn’t do a Walken impression? Show me one I don’t see on a day to day basis…

    Vince Vaughn
    Go to the 4:00 mark

    Sarah Silverman- Rarely do you see a good femal impressionist.

  • Conrad

    go to youtube and check out Stevie Riks – this guy rocks!

  • TMZ

    I don’t get how no one else has mentioned this yet, but the Walken impression was a lip – synch. He wasn’t even moving his lips in synch with the audio. What the hell? And whoever said anyone can do Walken was right.

  • john murphy

    Who would want to be any of these pathetic people in the first place.

  • BSasser23

    The Howard Stern one was so dead-on I thought the real Stern was out to introduce the fake one until he lifted up his glasses.

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  • sammy g

    C’mon where’s Jimmy Fallon? He’s the master of impersonation! Mick Jagger, Robert deniro… Just to name a few

  • Feh

    Lookup Kevin Pollak doing William Shatner. Now that’s awesome.

  • Skiigge Boi

    You forgot Max Koch. His Gary Busey, Nick Nolte, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson and especially Tony Soprano are nerly unbeatable. And his writing is hilarious. I howl with laughter when I see him impersonate De Niro.

    Also, the kid doing Walken was good, but I think the guy who played Walken in the sketch he got the dialogue from did it better.

  • mutanic

    Can’t believe you don’t have this one, probably the very best celebrity impersonation I’ve ever heard: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1HSNV9y25A&playnext_from=TL&videos=C1Vo16yUts8

  • Daniel Bluth

    Kevin Barbare…hands down,can rattle off tons of spot on voices. Has some crappy videos on YouTube,but I was laughing at his impressions. On a morning radio show in Boston.

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  • Kiera

    I think the one you have no clue of is Andrea Bocelli(spelling?) and Celine Dion.

  • Hans

    Ever seen the the Englishmen Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon at work? They destroy almost any other attempts.

  • Look for Kristian Valen from Norway, he’s so funny and talented, I love him 😀

  • cooper

    the best impersonations i have ever seen were done by phil hartman, he was doing john wayne and jack Nicholson in german, it was crazy.

  • Lauren

    I don’t care if you can recognize him but Alec Baldwin does a KILLER Sean Connery impression and I love when Lou Diamond Phillips does Deniro too funny.

  • Whereitgoes

    Man, you must be deaf.
    most sucks, you seem so over-indulgent

  • Tribol

    If you want o good Christopher Walken go to youtube and search for Christopher Walkenthrough, it’s amazing and the episodes featuring Morgan Freeman are amazing

  • Please see Jay Costa fromt he band Thy Will Be Done doing interviews as Christopher Walken before deeciding who’s the best ever… he’s actually done it for Walken HIMSELF! It’s Walken approved!

    here is an example

  • rattenfangerin it sucked