Zora Link Cosplay is More Art than Costume


So, he (she?) might not be a hot as this glorious Princess Zelda from a few weeks ago, but man, without a doubt this is the coolest, most detailed Link costume I’ve ever seen. Also, Link gets to avoid looking like a tool because you can’t see his face or hair most of the time, the main problem with any Link cosplay costume.

According to the artist, Zoroko, from (surprise) DeviantArt, the thing cost $300 to put together, but can you really put a price on going down in the cosplay hall of fame here on Unreality? I think not.

More pictures below:





  • Madison

    The detail is incredible. I particularly love the shield.

  • zero

    Link is one of those video game characters that can only be pulled off by hot chicks, or very androgynous Japanese men. lol.

  • illeaturfamily

    Wonder if she got water all up in her boots.

    Great detail though, very impressive.