Your New Awesome Mass Effect 2 Wallpaper

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You all know by this point how much I love my DeviantArtists, but I love them even more when they make pictures that are huge enough to be wallpaper, like this one from Exullium showcasing one of my favorite games of last year, Mass Effect 2.

It features the entire cast of that game, a team you spent a solid 80% of the game assembling, and a few extras I can’t quite place. Yes, I’ve only played through it once (as opposed to four times for Mass Effect 1), but who is the guy with the scar to the right of Samara? And that girl in the hood to right of Garrus? I can’t quite place them.  But hey, they can stick around because this wallpaper is that damn cool.


  1. Jonas October 21, 2010
  2. Jonas October 21, 2010
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