“Your Celebrity is Evolving!”

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Yes, yes, I know, more Pokemon, but I didn’t star this trend! Someone out there on the internet got the idea that celebrities sort of look like each other, and you can put them adjacent to each other so that it looks like they’re actually evolving.

Sure enough, a million people followed suit, and now there are enough good ones to fill a whole gallery. I’ve captured (hah) the best ones and put them below. Any ones you could create yourself would be welcome additions, and if you feel like spending two minutes in photoshop making one, send it over to paul@unrealitymag.com.

Alright, time to catch ’em all, after the jump:

  • Tyler

    That Sarah Jessica Parker comparison is priceless. I hear her GPS measures distance in furlongs.

    Which is my way of saying she is a horse.

    Thank you.

  • Bad Acid

    I do enjoy that people can have a lot of fun with Keanu Reeves without directly insulting him. It’s kinda weird, I mean I don’t speak to his flexibility in acting, but there’s just something about him to like. I have a hard time playing Deus Ex: HR right now without imagining that Adam Jensen is being played by Keanu.

  • jaromir


  • Schiapu

    The growlithe one is wonderful, rule 34 on that please.

    But Mewtwo, dear god I died laughing xD

  • Alex

    Sarah Jessica Parker is an awesome. But Keanu is the best. All hail the immortal one

  • Tim

    The one with Will Smith’s kid, Nelly and Kimbo slice didn’t make much sense, considering the only thing those people have in common is that they are wearing a wife-beater. I’m not one to pull the racist card… but that’s RACIST!

  • Petrus

    Whats the name of the arcanine actress?

  • Ben’jamin’

    i spit out my food laughing from the sjp one. hahaha

  • hun23

    *Refreshes page to check responses*
    It looks like arcanine is Zoey Deschanel, most well known for (500) Days of Summer and the band She and Him. She is the sister of Emily Deschanel, lead on the show Bones

  • Jeremy

    Arcanine is Christina Hendrics. Zooey is Flareon.

  • Yautja

    Growlithe and Arcanine…how I love thee.

  • hun23

    Well that was just embarrassing. I have not played Pokemon for quite some time and googled arcanine. I saw “firedog” and instantly thought of Deschanel. I think they are both ladies are quite nice.

  • Holmes

    These are priceless! Hahahaha, loved the Matthew Lewis one, he definitely is the magikarp-to-gyarados of celebrities.

  • Frank

    Who did zooey, katey, and emily evolve from?

  • Jimbo

    @Tim, not so. The Smith kid played a fighter in the rehash of Karate Kid, Kimbo Slice is an MMA fighter, and Nelly has an album titled “Brass Knuckles,” and several songs with fighting themes in them.

    One could argue you’re the racist for relying in your flawed knowledge and making a snap judgment based on skin color. Why no question on the link between Emma Stone and Christina Hendricks–is there more than the red hair?

  • @Frank:
    I’d say Alexis Bledel.. not sure though

  • Lauren

    what about steve martin transforming into leslie nielsen? lol @ the others, very accurate. loved the keanu lol