Wolverine Origins Game to Be a Bloody Mess, Which is Awesome


When I first heard they were making a game to go along with the X-Men Originis: Wolverine movie (couldn’t they just have called it “Wolverine”? I’m getting tired of saying that whole thing), I just dismissed it as another probably awful movie-based game because well, 19 times out of 20, they’re horrendous (see this year’s Iron Man game for starters).

But after reading this extensive EGM interview with some folks over at Raven Software, I’m thoroughly jacked about the game’s potential. In short, they realize that the superhero they had to work with is Wolverine, a bloodthirsty, borderline-feral maniac with rather sharp claws. And they designed around that accordingly. Although the Wolverine movie (I’m just calling it that from here on out) is going to be almost certainly PG-13 for maximum cash revenues, the Wolverine game will be at the deep end of the “M” spectrum, because in the video game world, you’re allowed to make something with mature content and STILL make money.

Choice interview snippets after the jump:

And what are they looking at as model for the game? Even more good news:

God of War was an influence. Devil May Cry, even Super Smash Bros., to a point,” Vondrak says. “When we play [games like that], we just like the simplicity. Every character has their basic set of moves — that’s simple.”

You know how to win my heart over? Say you like “simplicity” in a game, then reference three of my favorite series of all time. Good work Raven software, now you just have to follow through.  Also, having common sense can go a surprisingly long way as well.

“I’ve read reviews of Wolverine games, I’ve played previous X-Men games, and you just hate it when you’re like, ‘This isn’t what it’s supposed to be like to fight this guy. I’m Wolverine. How come I can’t ever just grab a guy and rip him in half?’ Yeah, absolutely — let’s do that. Nothing’s holding us back.”

Honestly, that’s the best thing I’ve heard all day. And my newlywed cousin just told me she’s pregnant. Wolverine will be awesome and I can’t wait. I highly suggest you read the entire interview and you’ll be as excited as I am.



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