Witness the Overwhelming Retardedness of the Mortal Kombat Cartoon


The Mortal Kombat cartoon was just one of the many shows I wasn’t allowed to watch as a kid due to “violent content,” but as it turns out, it was a far cry from the bloody video game. Rather, I shouldn’t have been allowed to see it for a different reason entirely, the fact that it would likely kill all my brain cells if I did.

A noble YouTuber got his hands on the series, and decided to cut the entire thing down to ten glorious minutes of pure foolishness. It may sound like a lot, but trust me, practically the entire thing is pure gold. I though Sonya Blade was hot in the game, but after 30 seconds of her in this video, you’ll want to uppercut her skull off her spine. Check it out above.


  • ash

    Is that Clancy Brown AND Ron Pearlman!?

  • BoomShakaLaka

    Lex Luthor in Mortal KOMBAT!!!?????!!!!1

    This brings back toooo many memories, I admit now i’d probably die if I watched it, but at 11, it was probably the most awesome show ever…

  • lavendar

    9:11 “It’s going to be tight! .. Better suck it in!”

  • Bert

    That Nightwolf always was a f**king screwup.