Winning Hearts and Minds for the UNSC

Damn, Bungie sure knows how to advertise.

As much as I’d love to believe that a random hot model just loved Halo Reach so much she built her own perfectly crafted set of Spartan armor and headed down to a gaming show, sadly that isn’t the case.

Bungie hired this girl (internet sleuths can hunt down her ModelMayhem profile if you like) to wear Kat’s armor to promote the then-upcoming release of Halo Waypoint on Xbox Live. Cute girl, nerdy costume? Of course I had to post it.

Thankfully there are a few more pictures of our Kat stand-in below, and under that a rather funny video of her at the show getting down to Dance Central on Kinect wearing full armor. I’m not sure why if you’d hired a girl like this you would EVER tell her to put her helmet on, but she does for that video, where I suppose it produces a more humorous effect. Check it all out below.


  • Kristoph

    Wow, looks so easy to move in!

    all those guys would be dribbling :3

  • Kitten

    Man this makes me want my own Spartan armor even more D|

  • WakyWizerdX

    Come to Butthead.

  • jamie books

    i was seriously waiting for the moment take her helmet off and whip her hair back 🙁

  • gh3tto8uddha

    @WakyWizerdX Awesome comment, srsly! XD

    And yea, she is extremely gorgeous.

  • Chris

    And to think I started all this 🙂