Wii Graphics So Bad They “Can’t Even Handle Resident Evil 5’s Title Screen”


Graaar! Look at…my…texture mapping!

As excited as I was to shake zombies off myself with an unmistakeably masturbatory motion in RE5 for the Wii, it looks like that dream will never be realized.

In a recent interview with Resident Evil 5‘s producer, Masachika Kawata, he buried rumors of a Wii port when he said that due to the graphical advancements of 5 over 4, “the title screen of this couldn’t have been done on PS2 or Wii.”

Oh snap Wii! Kawata just said you had PS2 graphics. What are you gonna do about that? Oh, just stand there, batting your eyelashes, looking adorable? Figures.

This news sucks because Resident Evil 4 was one of the few games for the Wii that I would categorize as “an actual video game” and with more titles like Wii Resort and Wii Music on the horizon, it looks like my sad little Nintendo system will be collecting dust a little while longer.

And just as reminder, only the Wii could possibly make killing zombies look cute and campy (after the jump):

  • Yannick

    Why do you hate the Wii so much ?

    It has more exclusives than the PS3 (of which only Valkyrie Chronicles, MGS4 and LBP are worth a try) and Xbox 360 (GoW1&2, Fable 2 and Halo) combined.

    You just gotta look past the horrible ports and shovelware, cause that’s not the only games for it.

    I’ll just give you a list of Wii games I’ve enjoyed:

    I’ll start with Nintendo games
    Super Paper Mario, Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda TP, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Metroid Prime 3

    Then there’s also:
    Zack & Wiki, No More Heroes and Boom Blox

    That’s like what ? 8 exclusives, and all of them were better than what I have played on my xbox and my friend’s playstation.

    And these are the games I’m looking forward to that get released this year:
    The Conduit
    Metroid Prime 1 and 2 Play on Wii (rerelease of the first 2 games with Wii controls)

    The only things the PS3/X360 have going for them is their media center options and their graphics.
    The only games that get released are the same bland FPS we’ve played hundreds of times before with slightly upgraded graphics and some XTRA KEWL HXC WEPNS N CHRACTERS.

    Somebody drew a bloody good analogy about this a few days ago:”The gaming industry right now seems alot like the mindless bulletfests of 80’s action film.”

    Just cause it’s cool to hate on the Wii right now, doesn’t mean you should.

  • Undecided

    Ok ok your right wii has more exclusives. And i admit some of them are good(3 or 4) but come on how many other exclusives are good on the wii and when was the last time a good game came out on the wii. I know your gonna get a couple hardcore games that you will say look better then the 360 and ps3 but come on wii dosnt have what it takes to be a good hard core game.and for you dick heads that say you can down grade re5 to put it on the wii and that the control are so much funner well guess what i dont think a game compony wants to work on doing bad graphics and stuff and controls fuck the wii its pussy controls and how they come out with some new attachment for the wii every month or two. the end

  • Taylor

    Well, I’ve got to say I am a bit of a 360 fanboy, but just generally speaking in terms of hardware, the Nintendo Wii is absolutely god awful. Here’s a list of the games with the BEST Wii graphics to date:

    The Conduit

    Dead Space: Extraction

    Resident Evil 4


    …And, that’s about all that looked decent so far that I’ve seen. I don’t hate the Wii, in fact, I enjoyed a few games. But when people buy a next-gen console, they should be able to expect next-gen graphics. If it weren’t for the Wii’s graphical flaws, I can assure you there would be more than a few Wii games out there that people would buy, such as DEAD SPACE: THE ORIGINAL, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 and 2, Resident Evil 5, etc. The list goes on and on, but unfortunately, Wii owners will never experience these…

  • Because they wanted to make a cheap console for wider audience, the problema is that they sacrified FUN. Meaby Wii has Mario Kart, Smash Brawl, but how many bad games it has, many, many bad games, I´m so dissapointed, after Super Nintendo i didn´t like nintendo consoles and then a i took a risk buying this Wii with its awesome control style, but what does it matter? If they don´t know what to do with them, they don´t even supervise the quality of the games, they just approved them and that´s it.

    Nintendo, you´re playing bad with us, the fans, you will bury yourselves, stop publishing bad games, make us proud of you.

  • Andy (UK)

    I believe anyone who is actually satisfied with the performance of their Wii is either in the lower IQ bracket or outwith the age range of 12-40. Resident Evil 4 was enjoyable, but with only one thumbstick the ability to side-step has been culled.
    People on this blog seem to be talking about exclusive games being the reason for purchase, however Mario and Sonic seem to make up most of this list. There is an un-ending list of classics on 360 & PS3 – some of my favourites…

    Call Of Duty 2 – 6
    Fallout 3
    Mass Effect
    Devil May Cry
    PGR 3/4
    Dead Space
    Ghost Recon
    Rainbow Six
    Splinter Cell
    Ninja Gaiden
    Dead Space
    Mirrors Edge
    Unreal Tournament
    PES 2008/Fifa 07 (all others suck)

    Whats more is these classics will no doubt only cost you 10 GBP (15 USD)

    A pointing device is not a big enough focus point, and everyone seems to forget this is not new technology, anyone remember the Scope for the (S)NES? All they have done is put another transmitter in so it works in 3-D.

    I have a Wii, and I hate most of it.

    If it wasn’t for Res Evil 4 being fun I would have gotten rid of it a long time ago.