Why We Won’t See an Xbox Smash Bros.

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I’m still skeptical whether or not Playstation All Stars will turn out to be a good game or not, but the fact remains that it’s the very least a good idea. Nintendo doesn’t own the copyright on a all-star fighting games, and as such I think it’s great PS is coming out with their own version. I’ve wondered for years why no one has tried to emulate Smash Bros. formula.

But not all consoles can pull this off. If you tried this with Microsoft? You wouldn’t exactly have the means to fill an entire roster. Haqua imagined what their version might look like, and it’s a whole lot of Spartans.

Yes, yes, I know you can jam in Marcus Fenix and the lead from Fable (as paid DLC of course), but really, what other Xbox-exclusive  heroes are there to fill the rest of the empty slots? Even if Sony and Nintendo do have third party characters in their games, there are definitely a whole host of their own creations as the main characters. Xbox simply can’t compete on that level, and I say that as a long time fan.