Why Assassin’s Creed Needs to Go To Japan

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There’s been a lot of talk about where the Assassin’s Creed franchise should go next. I’ve heard rumors about Paris (and Ubisoft is French), but I’d prefer the story move out of Europe and go somewhere completely new.

Japan is the frontrunner for an out of the box transition like that, and this illustration from Nykolai Aleksander beautifully illustrates what exactly that might look like. A Samurai Assassin using katanas and ninja stars? Yes please. I know Tenchu exists already, but whatever, there’s room for more than one game in that locale, and I think AC would do it better.

If not Japan or Paris, where would YOU like to see the Assassin’s Creed series go?

  • Murderbot

    Sounds like it’d be fun, but unless there were Templars in Japan I’m not sure it would fit the overarching narrative.

  • LeviClassic

    I have thought about this before. It doesnt have to be in the next game, but i think it would be cool if AC went to a 1920/1930 America. Almost like the Noir part of the Spider-man Shattered Dimensions game. I just think that would be pretty cool.

  • Bert

    Not that I’ve played it, but I imagine Russia (Moscow/St. Petersburg) would be novel.

  • Guy Incognito

    I think the idea for the next game was Industrial Revolution era France which is cool. Would love to have a game with Boston, New York and Philadelphia around 1776. With all the prominent Freemasons around that time it would be easy to weave into the Templar storyline.

  • Stevox

    I always though Ancient Egypt would be a blast.

  • Torint

    Victorian England might be interesting. Either entirely in London, or have parts in places like Birmingham and Glasgow too. Steampunk fans would go nuts.

  • Greg

    I agree with Guy Incognito about the colonial America, but there might not be enough of the grandiose architecture we are used to seeing/climbing/doing leaps of faith off of to facilitate an entire AC game, even in New York or Philadelphia at the time? What about the same time period, but on the British side?

    I would think it would be neat to do a pre-WWI era Western Europe, during the time that Queen Victoria’s family was running things. That could take us from Britain to Germany/Prussia, to Russia, Denmark, Austria-Hungray, etc, etc, etc…as well as the British dominions at the time like India & Pakistan. There could also be a story arc about the Anglican church vs the catholic church and tie that in to the Templars.

    I strongly agree with Paul’s comment in his AC Brotherhood review about the game feeling stale because it takes place essentially only in Rome. Moving between countries Europe could bring the kind of environmental diversity we saw in AC 2 with the different Italian city/states, but on a larger scale.

  • Lee

    I personally think that it should go to a long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. Also it should be Boba Fette.

  • matt

    i think paris would be amazing actually, one huge leap of faith of the eiffel tower and there are some amazing famous buildings. that or london would be nice, the big ben baby! and then the tower of london

  • I’m with Torint. Victorian London and the surrounding areas would be badayass. Plus, with all the Gothic architecture that existed… hells yeah.

  • Carthagian

    Mughal-Era India would be pretty cool.

  • Ellie

    Y’know I kind of want a female assassin in the story. But, seriously, I want to see some MODERN DAY assassinations.
    That would be kickass.

  • woody

    would the future work in the storyline? modifying the animus (is that what it’s called?) to use the guys DNA to make a projection of what would happen in the future? cyberpunk and stuff? thought i’d bring it up, even if it wouldn’t work it’s food for thought

    also, Victorian London would be good but might be kind of limited with it being just one city. but it doesn’t take long to get to France over the English Channel. it would be cool to be able to move between countries like that. when was Guy Fawkes? that was a bit before then, right? he was a Catholic working to create a Catholic government by blowing up parliament so that might fit in with the religious story going on. and if you were the one to catch him, that might be cool

    France has the Bastille, though. if it’s set there there HAS to be a mission involving that, which would be awesome

  • MsAnonymous

    They’ll just gay it up and ruin the whole thing, sorry but japan doesn’t deserve to make assassin’s creed

  • Nyxaria

    just finished brotherhood .. and i really dig that japan idea … but beside that Victorian London would be my vote

  • Rivers

    I’m with Torint & illeaturfamily. Victorian England, full of atmosphere if they nail the smog haha

  • El Idiota

    A japanese assassin should use a ninja-to not a katana…

  • Rob J

    I like the idea of a WWI AC game and I believe that was an idea that was discussed at length by ubisoft so its a strong possiblity.

  • Rick D

    We don’t need a paris-centric assassination game, we already have one called The Saboteur.

    I say bring it to the new world and spread it over the big cities of the time, the building may not have been towering, but the American Revolution would be an amazing set-up for missions.

    Of course they could do a game completely from Desmond’s point of view, they do have those temples to find!

  • haste4

    It seems like the overall story is coming to a close, so if the next game was going to be the last (lets just say), then I think it would be pretty sweet to have him jump around between several different times and then finishing off in the game’s present day.

  • Javo

    Gentlemans: the ideal place to AC 3 is Mexico, becuase in “2012” will be the end of the world and desmond will discover how to avoid this event. Besides, we might see a assassin aganits jaguar or eagle warrior and explore the pyramids, the jungle and save the world.

  • Leo

    defs for the feudal Japan. Beautiful scenery and I think the Samuri (templars) and the Ninja (assassins) works almost perfectly.

  • Mr Big

    Victorian England has so much going for it. Tight winding alleyways, mass overpopulation, the smog, Jack the Ripper could be involved somehow. London was booming at that time, and a huge sprawling industrial city scape would be perfect.
    I’ve just started the first Assasin’s creed, so I don’t know if this has been implemented at all, but I’d like more ‘options’ on the assasinations. It’d be pretty sweet to have multiple ways to eliminate targets, from the standard find-attack-kill-flee, down to infiltrating the ranks of the guards, sneaking in during the night and poisoning them/their meals, rigging explosive devices or poison gas devices up…these last two especially where new technologies that many ‘shadow’ operations were utilising at that time, and being so new and unusual were oft linked to supernaturalism.

  • Anonymous

    1900 japan or cold war russia/germany/usa.

    And a modern desmond assassin’s creed is fine too, but knowing ubisoft, it would become an fps/tps (splinter cell conviction as example).

  • Charlie Ward

    Japan, Russia or England. In that order.

  • Raphael

    meh… Japan would be pretty cool… But you know assassins creed 2 and brotherhood was set in italy and all the characters had an italian-english accent…i think it would be weird to have characters all speaking in japanese-english accents 0_o
    And i’m not much of a martial arts fan aswell, more of a sword/weapon person 😛

    What would be real cool was if it was set in Scandanavia or something (cos they got the coolest legends)
    with like you as an assassin viking and stuff… (of course the historical vikings not the half dressed heavily tattooed ones)

    I wouldn’t like a modern Assassins creed 😛 (i despise Guns)
    i think the hidden gun and the crossbow is as far as they should go with long range weapons 😛


    I want AC japan not with martial arts cause japan has no good martial arts like china but rather mix ninja stuff since they are similar with stealth and crafty weapons


    there is no reason why they couldn´t make one game that takes place in japan, if there are issues as to why the cant put templars in japan then i want to know why the hell did they have templars in assassins creed II and III,,, cuz they where active 1119–1314 and how they could explaine that he´s part asian then i want to now how they made it so ezio became kristian and a italien at that cuz i belive that altire was a turkish assassin and a muslim… cmon make one in japan cuz it would make more sense that is was a ninja that runs around on rooftops and throws knifes and kills people very quietly than an italien dude and a fat one ….

  • I imagine it perfectly. When the Desmond story finishes
    Base it in Asia! But mainly japan! I mean, 16th-17th century was japans time of ninjas and samurai!
    Samurai were elite guards at the time (they could take templar’s place)
    Ninjas, well they were assassins, so perfect place there. With cool weapons, base jumping, costumes ect… you can do everything the Europe assassins do and lodes more ffs.
    There was shogun (samurai leaders) which could be like the boss/main templar, emperors which were nearly gods, they could be a cool ‘high priority’ target, like the pope in AC2 and 3.
    Amazing scenery and architecture, again better than anything in Europe. Then sequels would pwn in places like china with the mountains and Shaolin Monks, more everything. Then there is India.
    So much better than Italy, Israel and Istanbul.
    This should be the series after Desmond’s, it would be so much better.

  • acfan

    ^ to the post above, you cant actually link the story to desmond’s.. but what would be good is to have another person in the animus, most probably an asian guy that would start off having his first assassin ancestor in china then to feudal japan. just like desmond’s altair and ezio..

  • Ehecatl

    China. Japan could work too though. But the next game should be in the east. We know Altair journeyed east for many years after the first Assassin’s Creed. This was how he was able to gain knowledge of gunpowder based weaponry. He made the gun gauntlet long before guns were used in Europe based off the knowledge he acquired from his journeys to the Far East and from use of the Apple of Eden. When Altair was 92, he died defending Masyuf from a Mongol Invasion. Many other Assassins got away and they took their knowledge with them, but it is said that the Mongols took much of the fort’s secrets with them when they raided it. This is almost a perfect setup for a reason to travel to Asia in the 3rd game. Oh, and Ezio meets a Chinese Assassin not long before his own death at 60-something. Whatever is happening in the next game, its happening in the Asia.

    As for Japan, its possible. They could use the Europeans coming to Japan to trade and spread Christianity during the Sendoku period as a convenient way of showing Templars expanding their influence subtly into the country. Still, I’m pretty sure China is where it’ll happen, despite how cool itd be to play a ninja Assassin. (Btw, whoever said Ninjas used Ninja-to and not katanas– you’re wrong. The ninjato never existed. It was made up. They used katanas when they could but even then, that was rare because walking around with a katana if you weren’t a samarai was illegal, would draw attention, and would get you killed. That’s why the kama and such became popular. They could be concealed as a farm impliment and not be recognised as weapons.)

  • John Doe

    Correction to your article: The Assassin’s Creed games are made in Ubisoft Montreal (Canada), not France. It is a common misconception due to Quebec’s main language being French. But anyhow, I think going to Japan would be a really fun game, but would make no sense in the AC series. Desmond is white, and it would be hard to trace his roots from the Middle-East, to Italy, over to Japan and then somehow his ancestors migrate to Europe and mingle with the Europeans, before his Ancestors come to North America. It would just confuse the story to the point where it would no longer make sense. As much as I would want to play AC: 3 in Japan, I’d rather AC just stick to what they have planned. If it remains in Europe, I’ll be content with that.

  • Anonymous

    the fact that the desmond is white isn’t really a problem. I can really see the Japanese or general asian idea coming through, and then having an entirely different story arc with a different Asian modern day assassin like desmond, reliving his ancestor’s memories. Just having all the stuff in Asia, with the technology being so advanced they could easily put in more cool weaponry. And then afterwards Desmond could link up with this Asian guy and fight the modern day templars, might take more than one game though.

  • rick

    AC needs to go to the blade runner universe. Attach a bomb on your target’s head and blow it remotely.

  • oh hell

    art seems more like a Chinese assassin to me. The only Japanese thing in the art featured here is the Katana. Japan with Templars? Seriously, you should go to Japan and learn more about their history.