Why Are You Reading This? Go Play Mass Effect 3


You may think that I’ve been sitting here writing posts all day, but you’re wrong. I actually wrote everything in advance so I could sit on my ass playing Mass Effect 3 all day after I picked it up this morning at Gamestop. There are no “sick days” on Unreality, so I had to make do.

Though this is my past self writing this, I’m sure I’m having a grand old time blasting geth with my lady love Tali, as long as our last encounter didn’t give her some sort of flu that killed her in the interim between games.

If you haven’t bought the game yet, watch this launch trailer, then go buy it, as you will surely be convinced.

  • Eric

    Damn still 2 days and it is available in german stores, please don’t spoil anything till then

  • Mark Jr

    My pre-order likely isn’t coming in the mail till next Tuesday. But hey, it was 40 bucks.

  • I’ve built up too much of an ME backlog. I havent’ been ME1 and don’t even own ME2.

  • Alex

    Bought it at midnight last night, stayed up playing it all night until I had to go to work at 6:30. Struggling to maintain consciousness at work.

  • MattChi

    Got it pre-ordered! This stupid work day just has to finish and I will experience it in all its glory!

  • harryseldon

    UPS has mine sitting in Knoxville right now and for some insane reason Redbox isn’t stocking it so I won’t get to play it until tomorrow. I’m just pumped I managed to find a copy of the special edition. I wanted until a month before launch to preorder it and was told the 360 version was already sold out. Managed to find one site online that still had copies.

  • matt

    1 hour until i get my special edition, oooooooh i cant wait

  • Frothy_Ham

    The reason I’m not playing is I’m stuck on boring conference calls at work.

    a.k.a…the only reason I could afford to buy the game in the first place…

  • HarshReality79

    Special Edition was worth every penny of the extra $20. Esp considering the DLC that comes with it was worth about $25 alone.