When Meme Tattoos Meet Video Game Tattoos


I don’t  know why, but seeing people with tattoos based on some passing fad stresses me out. I’m not secure enough to pick ONE item to tattoo on my body permanently, even if I know it means something to me. The idea that people are tattooing video game characters or memes or both on themselves makes me uncomfortable. It’s forever guys! Forever!

Anyway, that doesn’t mean this isn’t adorable and that people aren’t allowed to take themselves less seriously than me. It does seem weird to me to get an “arrow in the knee” joke like, now, well after the joke has passed. At least in the heat of the moment it’s relevant.


[via FYeahTattoos]

  • MattChi

    You should get a Johnny Quest tattoo 🙂

  • jc3494

    People like this should not breed.

  • Jikla

    Taking an arrow to the knee” is Nordic meaning “getting married. So the guards in skyrim got married. Didn’t take an actual arrow to the knee.

  • J. Morales

    Naw, I’m with you Paul. It’s a cute tattoo and would make a great desktop for your computer. Not such a smart thing to get permanently inked to your body.

  • Luovahulluus

    It’s really not forever you know. At most it’s 100 years or so…