When Kirby Met Snoop Dog


Another audio-themed video track today, but one that doesn’t play anything 800% slower.

Rather its from someone who suddenly had the epiphany that Kirby’s theme would mash up perfectly with Snoop Dogg’s Drop it Like it’s Hot. Even if you don’t like rap, it’s a pretty sick combo, and I only wish someone had CGI’ed Kirby into the video in place of Pharrell.

Now, off to go look for more examples of video game theme/rap songs. Initial findings appear to be mainly horrible raps about the Legend of Zelda and Princess Peach’s ass. Unfortunate.

  • check it! I can’t believe you haven’t found these! So fucking awesome.

  • bachelormanhattan

    It’s a shame it stops synching towards the end.

  • PaBo

    There is a really great rap/video game mash-up called The Ocarina of Rhyme that takes rap songs and puts them over different tracks from The Ocarina of Time. It’s worth finding and checking out 🙂

  • =DocDoom1=

    If you like those, check out Snoop Dogg/Banjo Kazooie mashups, and my personal favorite, Crack Dat Giga Puddi.

  • Skrolnik

    Always prefered the version of this some guy on YTMND did:

  • Jake Stone

    “It’s” is a contraction for “It is”. “Its” is the possessive form of the word. No apostrophe. Simple rule of thumb: if you delete a letter, you add an apostrophe.