When Chell Met GLaDOS

I promise I’m starting to run out of Portal content to post, but you guys seem to like it more than Pokemon, because I haven’t heard any complaints.

But today’s picture is absolutely worthwhile, as it’s an adorable look at the real life voice of GLaDOS, Ellen McLain, enjoying the company of the real life face of Chell, Alesia Glidwell. As it turns out, they’re not exactly mortal enemies in real life.

Can you imagine if GLaDOS was your real life mother? Granted, she’d be missing the autotune, but I’ll be damned if it wouldn’t get me to do my chores.

“You didn’t do the dishes? You monster. Remember that time I gave birth to you? That was sooooo much fun.”

  • Aki

    Portal > Pokemon
    Not to take away the value of Pokemon, but you can’t think with Pokemon.

  • dude your quote at the end of this post was spot on glados

  • chelsea

    here’s a complaint… enough with Portal AND Pokemon. i swear, they make up 95% of the posts on this site causing me to skip entire pages and avoid it at all costs.

  • If GLaDOS was my mother I would have never eaten cake for my birthday and would have an excellent grasp of spacial physics/dynamics. Meanwhile, I still bump into walls from time to time and eat cake at least once a year.

  • Oh the Geekness!

  • Here’s a complaint… avoid all spammers and haters! Keep up with the Portal posts =D <3

  • Nyxaria

    jeah paul stop it already with those pokemon and portal posts and bring us crap nobody cares about /sarcasm off

    on topic:


  • I dont recall Chell ever speaking in the game…

  • Z

    DON”T EVER stop with the Portal and Pokemon posts