When Beedrill and Pikachu Hit Level 100

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Yeah, I know, I’m totally slacking on my Pokemon quota as of late. Well, I’m trying to pick up my game again, though not with a gallery, but merely with a pair of images I thought were rather cool.

They’re from artist Kyougyo who did versions of what it might look like if two Pokemon leveled all the way up to 100. What, you’re telling me a level 30 Beedrill looks the same as a level 100 one? I think not, though I must admit I’ve never really considered how that works before.

So yeah, that’s a bee that’s going to give me nightmares above, and there’s a maxed out Pikachu below:

  • aaron

    We were glad you were slacking. Why? Because no matter what, pokemon is still the single gayist shit on the planet.

  • Piratey

    Haters gonna hate.

  • drownpanda

    Word to Piratey. Love Pokemon. Always have, always will. Keep up the good work Paul.

  • MM36unn

    That’s one badass Beedrill

  • ComRadeBlondie

    Dewd!! that beedrill is EPIC! Aaron can go fist himself pokemon will always be cool!

  • Some guy

    Hey Aaron. Don’t hate on a game, be wise, just, and if something’s not that important to you, just leave it alone, cause I’m sure that not everyone else in the world gives a FUCK about what you are doing, idiot. By the way, your name doesn’t need two A’s in it, it’s pronounced the same either way, you incompetent dick.

  • JRSilver

    Sweet beedrill, but I’m not feeling the pikachu really. I wonder what a level 100 clefairy would look like…

    Oh and Aaron, to follow up on what some guy said:

    1. If your going to insist on talking like a homophobic 14 year old, then please be aware that the suffix is spelled ‘est’.

    2. Shut up.


  • Alaconz

    To add on to JRSilver’s post, Aaron, don’t start a sentence with ‘because.’

    You must like Yu-Gi-Oh.

  • Cain

    beedrill is cool pikachu is alright. id like to see a blastoise and charizard. maybe a venusaur

  • xromanticxshadowx

    i love the beedrill, but i feel sad for the pikachu, it looks kind of odd, and the cheeks look painful. lol

    i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see the eevee family <3 i would love to commission some one to do the whole lot on one picture, with a (goth looking) gypsy girl playing the ocarina for their trainer.

  • Jake Stone

    Oh look. More Pokemon. Yay.

  • Justin

    >.> The pikachu is missing something….

  • Dovahkiin

    That Beedrill is badass. Pikachu needs to be re drawn. I thought the cheeks were eyes for a second. Pika fail. :/

  • Jibjub

    Well Dohvakiin, that’s your own stupidfuck fault. It’s perfect the way it is.

    To the artist, awesome job!

  • Wyrm3.0

    I agree on a lot that is being posted here… which includes every post… well, except for Aaron and Dovahkiin. that’s more like trolling if you ask me…. >.>

  • Alaric

    This image of Pikachu totally ruins the whole “dynamite in small packages” deal that it had going. It’s like it was designed by Stephen King, and that’s not right. Also, I don’t think RAID is going to do it for that Beedrill.

  • Alaric

    Also, one thing I must say to Aaron: go back to your bridge troll, don’t you have some goats to harrass?

  • spencer

    yea to add on to justins post wtf wheres pikachus badass taill its alil stub

  • Artist

    Oh Aaron, you juvenile dickwad. Why do you even watch this mag if you don’t like Pokemon?

    As a wise friend of mine once said:
    It’s okay to not like things
    It’s okay, but don’t be a dick about it

    It’s okay to not like things
    But don’t be a dick about the things you don’t like.

  • Patrick

    I’m not a big fan of how people make Pikachu look like a rat in their alt art. He’s classified as a part of the rodent family, but on the same token so are squirrels. I would imagine Pikachu having rabbit/cat-like feet and ears as long as a rabbits, but but pointy like a felines. I find the cheeks rather accurate, however, as that is supposedly where Pikachu generates his electricity from – and I would imagine a battle-hardened level 100 Pikachu having swollen cheeks from the mass amount of super powerful electricity being released from them.

  • Your mother

    Hey man, I love Poke’mans, but y’all need to leave Aaron alone; he’s just confused. Like us and our Poke’mans, he’ll snap right out of it after a little while.