When 8-Bit Characters Escape

It’s a photoshop project so easy, I’m pissed I didn’t think of it first. Aled Lewis took 8-bit sprites, pulled them out of the virtual world and inserted them in ours.

The characters find themselves in the real life equivalents of the game they came from, which are often pretty picturesque settings, like the one you see above.

But there’s more, and E. Honda, Link, that damn Duck Hunt dog and more have all found a place in our world which you can see below:

  • SIOS

    Ecco the Dolphin was a 16-bit character. I’m a huge tool.

  • benjamac

    Ya, so was mario-karting bowser, but c’mon, you still loved them. i was hoping for more, actually…


    So was Bowser in Mario Karts… Derp!

  • BOLT

    These gotta be pretty easy to put together…more please!