What Would Make the WiiU an Autobuy

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The WiiU is a big gamble for Nintendo, even for a company known for big gambles. If it combines the graphical ability to play third party games effectively with Nintendo’s line-up of exclusive classics, it could be a smash hit.

But one game would propel it over the edge over many others. My thoughts on the need for a long-awaited Pokemon console game are best left for another day, but I will say that it’s nice to see someone else out there express the same desire I have to see such a title. The new WiiU screen controller would be perfect for the game, be it for a Pokedex or minimap, but I’m not sure what it’s going to take for Nintendo to get their act together and make this game already.

  • Postal

    Absolutely nothing. Fool me once…

  • Tim

    Even I’ve wanted to see a Pokemon console game since about 1999.

  • Yeah…but Paul we all know you’ll buy anything Pokemon related.

  • CriticalBill

    If there’s one thing that is wrong with Nintendo it would be called Pokemon. Not a fan.

  • James

    how/why is it worse than other RPGs?

  • GC


  • Steve p

    Much like the wii, if there is Zelda I will buy it. I have 3 games for my wii, Zelda: TP, Zelda: SS, and metroid prime 3. I had the other new metroid game, but it was awful, so that series is on notice.

    Zelda however is still great, so as long as the WiiU has Zelda, I will be buying it.

  • Dson

    An action RPG rather than turn based would be absolutely AMAZEBALLS

  • Jason

    Well, IGN asked Game Freak and Nintendo why there wasn’t already some kind of console-based Pokemon game and they responded simply that didn’t match their vision of the game. To which my mouth responded with a silently uttered “what the f***?”

    Nintendo has a habit of imagining their customers one way, when the reality is much different. In response to the success of Xbox LIVE, the President of Nintendo said that gamers “don’t really want to play games on the internet”, or when they claimed that we “don’t need high-definition graphics”.

    It is with that mindset that Nintendo has decided that you and I do not really want a console Pokemon game.

    I submit the infamous “Operation Rainfall” debacle as further evidence that Nintendo neither knows, not cares what their fans want and it is with that knowledge I sincerely hope Nintendo goes the way of Sega.