What the…? How the…?

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They say the best artists are insane, and I’m inclined to believe that after seeing this exceptionally detailed rendering of a ferret in N7 Mass Effect armor by Olesya.

I’ve no idea what inspired such a picture, other than an obviously love for both intrepid space games and ferrets. For further evidence of her pet obsession, it’s also worth looking at Sub-Ferro-Zero, which is exactly what you think it is. You’re going to have to check him out below:

Unreality Trivia: During the first few months of operation of this site, I wrote anonymously under the handle “Sub Zero.”

  • RemyCarreiro

    Who knew adding ferrets to already amazing games, would only seemingly make them more amazing? I bet Ferret Shephard would take guff from no man or rodent alike.

  • Jim Lahey

    Wow Paul, I don’t normally nitpick this much, but two of your articles today had messed up opening sentences.

    “after seeing this exceptionally detailed ______ of a ferret in N7 Mass Effect armor by Olesya.” in this article

    “but it (that ‘it’ shoud be removed) according to Kiefer Sutherland, a 24 movie is going forward at last, and it’s set to start shooting this April.” from the 24 article

  • Limitus

    this is the second time i see this picture…
    and the second time i thought it really looks like one of those “perry rhodan”-bool covers…
    anyone else?

  • andrew

    Nice f*ckin’ marmot, man.

    I’m starting on Mass Effect in the next week or so. Looking forward to seeing what all you kids have been talking about.

  • Beorach

    You always were a mean drunk, Lahey.

    “Shit-flowers, Rand.”

  • DisturbedCanadian

    @Beorach Great TPB quote. I hate drunk Lahey!!!

  • Steve

    Now if only it were a prairie dog ::turns around and makes serious face::