What the Hell Did They Do to Devil May Cry?


As much as I generally can’t stand Hollywood reboots, I at least understand them. Sometimes a company loses the rights to a property, the central actor or director doesn’t want to return to a popular series, or they simply want a fresh face for character people are sick of. But I didn’t think that really applied in the video game world.

What we see here is a new trailer for the Devil May Cry reboot, one I don’t really get at all. They’ve taken the white-haired, suave Dante, and rebooted him as some twenty-something dude with spiked brown hair who looks almost like uh, me, from certain angles. Additionally, the art style has been changed from the usual bright and flashy DMC style to something that more resembles a similar game in the hack ‘n slash genre, God of War.

I just don’t understand why this was necessary. Why do such a dramatic reworking of a character everyone likes? I get that game characters can  be rebooted from time to time, but it’s like when they were reinventing Lara Croft for the new Tomb Raider game, they made her have blonde hair, blue eyes and threw her in a velour tracksuit. This is just a shift that doesn’t make sense to me.