What Pokemon Could Look Like on the WiiU

It’s no secret that I’d love to see a Pokemon game on the WiiU, despite Nintendo’s eternal reluctance to bring the game to consoles.

But one artist got sick of waiting around, and decided to create some of their own potential screenshots. Evan Liaw shows us the inside of a Pokecenter above and below. It looks a lot like a room I fought Cerebrus troops in during Mass Effect, but I suppose everyone needs a starting point.

Hopefully he’ll continue the series and render some actual Pokemon as well, but this is a great start and proves that this game would be awesome.

  • Ugo Strange

    That is incredible!!

  • Lima Zulu

    The Pokemon games on the Gamecube were fantastic. Well, Colosseum was. Gale of Darkness was eh.

  • SenorWTF

    With this, I MIGHT actually buy a Nintendo console. The last one I truly appreciated was the n64

  • Anselm

    Honestly, it’s a little bit too big or cluttered in some of these pictures. For a hub like this that a player will be running into and out of a TON, the front desk should have no obstruction between it and the entrance and should remain a pretty short walk.

  • Gabriel

    been complaining about a console 3D pokemon world since N64 release…a very long time ago… /sigh it is so frustrating!! NINTENDO CAN MAKE MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS WITH THE WTF NINTENDO!!!! Y U FAIL?!

  • Gabriel

    im so angry i mispell things!!!