Welcome to Joyland, China’s Unlicensed Warcraft/Starcraft Theme Park

China has been known to knock off our products since we started making products, but an entire THEME PARK? This is getting a bit ridiculous.

But yes, this is exactly what it sounds like, China has actually created an entire theme park devoted to the two popular Blizzard titles Warcraft and Starcraft. Sounds like a cool idea actually, and somewhere I would totally visit, but the entire park is completely unlicensed. In fact, the names of the two respective sections are “Terrain of Magic” and “Universe of Starship,” I kid you not.

If I ever go to China, forget ancient temples or Great Walls, this would be the place I visit. Check out the full gallery below. All pictures are from here which also features a first hand account of someone who visited the park for themselves.

  • K dub

    One of 2 students went there with their families. I was told the place is already falling apart. Also not not to do there.

  • Davy

    It’s not just Warcraft, China has knockoff Disneylands, too.