We Have a Winner: Link’s Awakening Map Recreated In Its Entirety in Minecraft

We’ve featured many ambitious Minecraft projects on the site here, but none of them even comes close to what you see here, which is the entire overworld map of Link’s Awakening, recreated in full in the game.

This is an excellent example of what folks with too much free time and a deep love of classics Nintendo gaming can accomplish in Minecraft. Roman spent 108 hours and 59 minutes (he counted!) building this 512 by 512 by 104 block masterpiece, and he has plans to continue the project with a complete reproduction of the Dark World and all of the buildings, caves, and dungeons from the game.

What better way to spend 108 hours right? And the Dark World too? Come on, think bigger Roman. I want you to recreate the entire map of Just Cause. Now THAT would be impressive.

Just kidding, this is wicked ridiculous, and you truly are a devoted crazy person who deserves all the internet fame we can muster here.

Hit the jump for a video of the map in action.


  • EarthThePlanet

    That sure looks more like A Link to the Past to me.

  • Nick

    It’s Link to the Past FYI, not Link’s Awakening

  • Anaxim

    Yah. Link to the Past. Link’s Awakening, IIRC, doesn’t even happen in Hyrule.

  • Well, anyone can make mistakes in the title, especially since the video does not explicitly say… oh, wait, nevermind.

  • bl4cksp4de

    LOL, accuracy fail.

  • And here I was about to rip on the guy for spending this much time on it…when we’re already arguing about inaccuracies hah.