Watch ‘Evony’ Plagarize ‘Age of Empires,’ Right Before Your Eyes


I know you know what Evony is. You know how I know? Because you’re on the internet right now, and anyone who has gone on the internet right now has seen these types of Evony ads somewhere, even on this site from time to time.

Well guess what? In addition to featuring exactly zero boobs in game, Evony is run by Chinese gold farmers and that’s evident when you have to pay to do anything at all in the damn game, including send messages to other players. But worst of all, the entire game is hackjob, taking bits and pieces from Age of Empires and refashioning them for its own purposes. See the image above for a comparison. I’m not even going to tell you which is which.

Never, ever play this game, despite what the giant medieval boobs tell you.

[via Hellforge]


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