Watch ‘Evony’ Plagarize ‘Age of Empires,’ Right Before Your Eyes


I know you know what Evony is. You know how I know? Because you’re on the internet right now, and anyone who has gone on the internet right now has seen these types of Evony ads somewhere, even on this site from time to time.

Well guess what? In addition to featuring exactly zero boobs in game, Evony is run by Chinese gold farmers and that’s evident when you have to pay to do anything at all in the damn game, including send messages to other players. But worst of all, the entire game is hackjob, taking bits and pieces from Age of Empires and refashioning them for its own purposes. See the image above for a comparison. I’m not even going to tell you which is which.

Never, ever play this game, despite what the giant medieval boobs tell you.

[via Hellforge]

  • IcemanD

    I have never heard of Evony.

    Gotta love Firefox (specifically the Add Block add-on).
    Haven’t seen an ad in quite some time now.

  • Madison

    @ IcemanD

    Oh, come on…I see those ads EVERYWHERE. Shit, I think we may even have them up from time to time, who knows?

  • IcemanD

    @ Madison: Seriously man, never heard of it. I don’t see adds on your site at all, Adblock takes of that. All I see is black all the way around the white main page.

  • Madison

    @ IcemanD

    Ha, lucky you, then!

  • AT

    But…but…their boobs! And they tell me to play the game!!! Oh the insanity!

  • Evony Fan

    You’ve been bamboozled.

    The Evony you are showing screenshots of is the old version. Yes apparently they got in trouble or whatever. They changed the graphics. The graphics have changed considerably.

    If you’re going to post something as newsworthy you should actually login to Evony and get CURRENT screenshots.

  • Madison

    @ Evony Fan

    I have to commend you on your use of the word “bamboozled.”

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  • They deny using anyone elses IP.
    To the point of sueing me!:

  • Accendio

    erm actually i played evony about a week a go, no particular reason and its a money pit but theyre bringing out item echange where u trade items for the currency that u used to have to buy, but it is playable without spending a penny but “free forever” is a bit OTT and i only joined so i could destroy this person im friends with castle, (hes an addict) anyway as it has been stated the graphics have been changed but not much ( it still looks same as age of empires just a few tiny little unnoticable details got changed

  • Meow

    Err sorry to say, but, there are many ‘versions’ of these types of games. Infact, Age of Empires may have gotten their ideas from another version. I currently do not know which of what was the ‘first’ version of these games to be released.

  • wigwam

    age of empires was first that’s an very old game and microsoft would never “steal” someting from an other game.

    but by the way… what do all to boobs and whores have to do wiht that game???

  • This game is quite boring, anyone knows Medievo? Seems very promising!

  • Magdis

    I’ve been playing evony for a month and surfing the net recently I have found all these complaints about envony, so far I’ve been able to confirm on misleading advertising and plagiarism of age of empire through this site, but I do not understand why of gold farming.

    I first want to clarify that I’ve played without paying a penny I am not an expert in video games nor so I am not aware of all expressions then someone can explain to me how gold farming is allowed if evony items can not be exchanged between players. Are all games that sell you items gold farmers? for example Pet Society on Facebook.

    Please do not attack me saying addicted as some people have done on other sites with other players, I really believe the purpose of this article is that we know the truth.