War of Crown’s Hero Song Season 2 Update Adds New Heroes and More

Heroes everywhere will appreciate War of Crown’s latest victory. GAMEVIL’s Strategy RPG War of Crown has a new update, which adds new content and features including season 2 of the story dungeon “Hero’s Song” and many rewarding events. Players have a chance to acquire two new heroes, powerful weapons and other enticing rewards from various events and missions (for a limited time). Fans of PvP will appreciate the start of Competitive Mode, which removes the previous ‘Pre-Season’ rules. Now, combatants can fight against other teams without accounting for adjusted Hero stats and star levels.

 Hero Song Season 2:

  • Story Dungeon “Ghosts of the Past”: Zett saves some herbalists from boars that are questionably out of place. Despite Zett warning Fran to be careful, she recklessly charges up the dangerous mountain. Will Zett be able to save her? What is the truth behind the boars’ strange behavior and other disturbances?
  • Extra Dungeon “Innkeeper Zett”: Players have an opportunity to challenge this tough dungeon for event currency (5 or 10 cupcakes). Cupcakes can be used to summon Zett (Fire).
  • Weapon Advent Dungeon “Katana of the Moonlight Warrior”: Battle enemies on a challenging stage for a chance to acquire various DPS weapons and Advent Weapon “Moonlight Warrior.”


  • Fran & Zett Advent Missions: Complete various objectives until the end of the Hero’s Song Season 2 period to receive various rewards, including a Fran and Zett (wind element) summon!
  • Step-Up Summon Event: For every “10+1” summon, the player will receive a reward. Rewards include 1x Darknyang, new Hero summons and in-game currency.


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