Wait, Metal Gear Solid Risk Isn’t Fan Made?

With Fallout Monopoly being invented by a devoted fan a little while ago, when I saw this new set for Metal Gear Solid Risk, I assumed that something similar had occurred. But no, this is not the work of a talented fan of the game, rather this is an actual licensed limited edition product.

There are only 2,014 games available, and you can preorder them starting October 3rd. They include 290 custom made game pieces with 5 PMC armies and 8 bosses. I don’t have much experience with Risk other than lining up all the pieces on the board in a way I thought looked cool when I was little, but for fans of the game and of Metal Gear, this is just an amalgam of awesome.

There are more pictures of the pieces and game board below for your viewing pleasure. Camp out on the site for a week if you want to preorder the game for yourself.

Thanks to Matt and T-Rex who sent this in.


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