Video Games I’ve Spent Countless Hours Playing

4. Mass Effect 2

Out of all BioWare games, Mass Effect 2 would be my favorite. I think it was the game that introduced me to the world of BioWare. Purely out of preference, I’ve only finished Mass Effect 1 & 3 twice. With Mass Effect 2, I finished it countless of times. I actually clicked “New Game” after I finished the game for the first time. Most people would think that I played different kinds of Shepards if I played the game that much, but they’re wrong. All of my games have the exact same Shepard and set of choices. Yes, I choose Miranda all the time. I loved the game so much that I had extremely high expectations for the third game. The last game was alright, but it just wasn’t the type of game that enticed me to play it more than once. I felt sad whenever I played it, so it wasn’t a feeling I wanted to experience again. Yet, that awesome feeling you get after completing the Suicide Mission alone from Mass Effect 2 was enough for me to play the game over and over.

5. Red Dead Redemption

How can I possibly spend so much time on Red Dead Redemption? Simple, I’m addicted to skinning wolves for money, completing bounty mini-games, and doing the stand-off shootout. I liked the story, so it was actually fun for me to play the campaign once more. Although, I wouldn’t start a new game right away since I’ll still be exploring the world playing mini-game and such.

6. Skyrim

I only bought this game last week, yet I can guarantee you that I’ve played this game for more than a hundred hours. I can’t believe I’ve suspended playing this game for so long (mostly because I didn’t enjoy Fallout 3). I actually finished the main quest early on because I was intrigued with the story. After that was out of the way, I was busy doing side quests and doing some exploring on my own with Lydia or my horse. I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I spent two hours just chopping firewood.I loved how the game was a beautiful and dynamic open-world. Most of the time, I simply travel manually to a destination instead of using ‘fast travel.’ Since I play on the PS3, I’m particularly excited on getting the Heathfire DLC because it adds a touch of The Sims to it through the addition of having children and building houses. I’m sure that’s going to entice me to spend more time on this game and I won’t be tired of it anytime soon.

  • Zaggnita

    Go Sims 3!! WHOOO! I’m just now downloading some content for it. >_<

  • J5

    Kinda coincidental that you posted this today.

    Last night I apparently corrupted my profile data on my console, but I didn’t know that was the problem. So I called Microsoft, nerd rage at the ready, and explained the problem, with error code in hand. The guy helping me was cool as hell and as he began walking me through the steps I knew what I had done. He explained to me that I needed to delete my profile and redownload it, but when I got to that point it got to a selection between “Delete profile only” and “Delete profile and items” I asked his advice.

    He said, “If I was you, I’d delete all of it.”

    It was at this point that I knew he was my enemy.

    Every minute of every game I’ve played came rushing back through my mind, like the most epic montage of wasted time ever assembled. Skyrim (70hours), Mass Effect 2 (50 hours), Fallout New Vegas (40 hours), Fallout 3 (20 hours), BF3 (10 hours of download time alone) all saved on my hard drive, which this “support specialist” telling me casually, “Oh yeah, just delete it, bro.”

    As I regained consciousness, I told the guy, “Listen, not to be a dick, but even if you have to wait a couple more minutes, I’m just deleting my profile. If that doesn’t work, I’ll delete the items as well. I have too much invested in this hard drive not to try this first.”

    And it worked.

    So what I’m trying to say is, the idea behind article basically ran through my head last night as I was thinking of every game I’ve dumped what seems like endless hours into and what the destuction of save points would’ve done to my enjoyment of gaming: It would’ve basically ended right there.

  • @Zaggnita

    Can’t wait to get Sims 3: University Life!!


    I remember facing something similar too! I basically lost all my progress on Mass Effect 2 though and I totally wanted to flip a table haha

  • Suq Madiq

    You’ve played Skyrim for over 100 hours in a week? Good grief man, get a girlfriend.

    Or boyfriend, if that is your thing.

  • @Suq Madiq

    Thanks for reinforcing the stereotype! Plus man, have you ever heard of the concept of a hyperbole?

  • ponder

    try out fallout new vegas if you didn’t like 3. Obsidian made New Vegas and did a much better job IMO

  • Suq Madiq

    I sure have, Commander. But it isn’t hyperbole if it’s true.

    “I only bought this game last week, yet I can guarantee you that I’ve played this game for more than a hundred hours.”

  • J5

    @ Suq

    If we’re taking every little thing into account here, with 68 extra hours leftover after gaming, I’m sure he coulda found some time to bang away the angst of dungeon exploring.

  • Well guys, the point is I’ve played it for so long in one week I lost count. The main idea is there. It’s annoying how people nitpick small technical things, instead of the main idea. Also, so what if I dedicate one week to gaming? Seriously guys, does having a relationship equate to a social life?

    One more thing, I’m a girl and this gets old. Anyway, not being confrontational or anything. Just wanted to say it

  • Postal

    Benny, as an occasional unreality commenter, I would like to apologize on behalf of these neanderthals. Apparently some of us were clearly raised by ill-mannered mutants and clearly should be writing the parts of bad guys in many of the games we enjoy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on many of the games you play.

    I’ve played too much Skyrim, Sims, and GTA series as well. And for similar reasons, the last GTA just didn’t grab me like San Andreas did. So much fun to be had just grabbing a jump jet and going crazy for awhile. I wish I had spent too much time playing Red Dead Redemption and Fable 2. I’m a PC kinda guy and developers don’t consider me an equal citizen. My money isn’t as green as console owners’.

    Also, I suffer from a rare brain condition that prevents me from comprehending you’re a FeeMaaale, as Quark might say, despite how many times it has been previously mentioned. So my summary of this story is that you are a cool brah who likes games. Awesome dude.

  • J5


    Oh I didn’t know… Change my “he” to a “she” and carry on, soldier.

  • Suq Madiq

    I didn’t bring your gender into anything, you offered it up. Your name is ‘Benny’ which is usually short for Benjamin. 1000 pardons for jumping to the conclusion that you have girl parts, m’lady.

  • Carlos

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R., almost 24 hours. no sleep, no food, only me & my rifle. I’d do that again. Crazy, I know ,)

  • What I meant with “this gets old” was the whole stereotype that one can’t play games for so long and be criticized for not having a life which is basically why I wrote this. I understand that people can mistake my name for a guy and that’s never been a problem for me. Don’t worry, J5 no offense taken

    Anyway, thanks for the thoughtful comment Postal.

    for the other comments:

    Hmm, okay I’ll give New Vegas and S.T.A.L.K.E.R a try

  • wevs

    Couldn’t agree more on Fable. I’ve played through Fable TLC over 10 times I think, and every time I’ve experienced child-like joy with all the fun quips, innuendos, implications and such. I have practically achieved everything there is to do in the game, but I wouldn’t mind playing again.

  • @wevs

    Hey man, nice to see you in the comments section of my posts again! Always good to hear your input! I hope the Fable franchise isn’t dead after all the backlash with the last game.

  • trashcanman

    Madame, you are extremely on point. Except GTA 4 was amazing. It’s pretty crazy that you play Mass Effect the same way every time because I am of two minds. Part of me wants to never play it again so I can remember MY story and hold onto my unique Shepherd’s triumphs and failings as a classic tale like the original Star Wars trilogy, and the other part wants to play the series over and over and try different things every time to uncover every last possibility. So far the first one has one although I have an itch to play through it all again and now I wonder if I want to go full renegade or try to fix my mistakes from the first time. Do I want to go the full count with Liana as femShep (I cheated in 3 and messed that up) this time or give the ess interesting maleShep a go so I can get with Tali? God, I love that franchise.

    Currently playing Red Dead. I really am not as impressed with the story and gameplay as everyone else, but I am still almost Skyrim-level addicted to it just because there is so much to do. Fable 3 broke my heart as well. God, what were they thinking? Such a great game and franchise ruined by such stupid and completely unnecessary design choices. Excellent article, Bedlam.

  • Thanks trashcanman!

    Well, that only applies to Mass Effect 2 anyway! Maybe I do make variations from time to time, but it’s mostly just one or two choices but that’s it. For example, I didn’t know that there was a “renegade” kiss scene with Miranda only until my third playthrough lol. Dude, I love Male Shepard and go for Miranda if you will!

    Yeah, the mini games are so fun! I think I’ve had most fun with the bounty when you have to tie them up to capture them.

    I liked Fable 2 the best.

  • Heche

    Pffft, Faendal is the way better sidekick to have. You can get him to teach you archery, and then take your money out of his inventory, and level up a bit in the process ^_^

    He also seems to be pretty good. He took out a whole group of Forsworn while I was sneaking.

  • @Heche

    I didn’t take Faendal with me, mostly because Camilla is my wife… so that’s kind of weird haha.

    I have so much funny occurrences with my followers. Once, Lydia almost died so I was protecting her. I saved her, but sad thing is I accidentally pressed R1 while celebrating and hit her. She died… oh the irony!!

  • lazybasterd

    What, no Civilization?!

  • Shiki

    Benny I sure wish there were more girls like you whre i live!! I’m sure you understand the loss when a cougar kills your horse while you were picking flowers to get survivalist lvl ?

  • @lazybasterd

    Haven’t tried Civilization. It might eat up my soul like these other games lol


    My horse rarely dies though! I’m very protective of it haha