Video Games I’ve Spent Countless Hours Playing

Growing up, my step-mother would always tell me stuff like “try to be more normal” or “you have to get out of your cave more often” whenever she sees me playing video games all day. It irked her that I would sometimes fall asleep on the couch with a controller on my hand. Like a lot of adults out there, she perceives playing video games as a casual and trivial hobby. There was a time when I was embarrassed of the fact that I’m a girl playing video games. I grew up in the Philippines, and it was hard for me to be myself because of the conservative culture and the ideals I had to live by. I was actually banned from playing video games for a while- no joke. Benny isn’t my real name. It’s actually a nickname my friends used and it eventually became a pseudonym I used whenever I would write about video games on my blog or in any other site. I guess you could call it a forbidden passion.  Don’t get me wrong though, I love my step-mom to no end despite her beliefs.

America taught me a lot of things. I thought a lot of all these preppy kids in college would bully me just because I prefer to play video games all weekend instead of getting wasted in parties. However, it didn’t really matter to them. In fact, they thought I was pretty cool. My parents eventually became proud of my passion for video games because of how I balanced playing video games ninety percent of the time and consistently being on the honor roll. So yeah, I play video games until two in the morning and wake up at twelve noon to play again. I’m not ashamed of it anymore. Most of the time, I spend more than a hundred hours on just one video game.

In honor of my recent liberation, I compiled a list of video games that I’ve spent a huge chunk of time on. These type of games are close to my heart simply because they serve as a constant remind to myself that I can break the stereotype. Most people tend to think that I don’t play games, simply because I do well in school or I go out a lot. It’s like playing video games can’t mix with that combination. Anyway, I’ll stop babbling now. Some of you might laugh or be surprised at my choices, but it doesn’t matter. I always look forward to what Unreality readers think.

1. The Sims Franchise

I’m a certified Sims addict. Most of you might know that if you’ve seen my previous articles. I could dedicate half of my day just building houses and creating the perfect family. I think my excessive play of The Sims games eventually lead to the demise of my PC. Two of the main factors that kept me playing The Sims for so long would have to be the dynamic of story progression and the ability to create a succession of generations from one family. It was very rewarding for me to see a family so fulfilled after heavily investing my time nurturing them. Sure, I get tired of playing this game after a while but give it a month or two and I’ll be playing this game like crazy again. I won’t be surprised if I actually played more than two hundred hours on The Sims 3.

2. Any Grand Theft Auto Game Except IV

My love for the Grand Theft Auto series is hardly unnoticeable. GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas epitomizes the meme I placed on the top of this article. There were a lot of things to do besides accomplishing the main mission. I would often spend my time either messing around with fun cheats like “Riot mode” or trying to earn cash through robberies just to buy more properties. I could honestly be content with only playing any of the three Grand Theft Auto games I’ve mentioned for one whole summer vacation. I excluded IV because it didn’t have most of the mini-games I enjoyed like house burglaries, casinos, and those marathons in San Andreas. Another thing was the exclusion of buying properties in-game. One of the reasons, I play for so long was because I needed cash to buy all these assets. In IV, I had a ton of money that I really didn’t have any use for.

3. Fable 1 & 2

I was so disappointed with Fable III, I didn’t even finish the game. However, the last two were really addicting. I really can’t remember how many times I’ve finished both games. I really enjoyed the storyline and the lore behind the world Peter Molyneux and his team created. I also liked exploring the world and doing other stuff besides finishing the story. I did the mini-games to buy property so I could be rich. It was fun doing random side-quests and discovering new things here and there like the Darkwood Bordello in the first Fable.


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