Video Games from 2017 with the Best Theme Songs

Serious gamers can tell you the names of the songs from the soundtracks on their favorite games. The music adds to the gaming experience by enhancing aspects with emotions and setting the tone. Some are better than others, but all become ingrained in the memory because they are so much a part of the game, just as music is an integral part of movies. We’re a little more than halfway through the year, but there are already some amazing soundtracks out there. Here are the best theme songs for video games from 2017 so far.

Samuel Laflamme score from “Outlast 2”

The game, ‘Outlast 2″ is high on action that keeps players on their toes. Running and hiding skills come in handy. The Laflamme score relies heavily on percussion to accentuate highs and lows which are mirrored in the game action. Laflamme has achieved perfection in matching the intended tone of this video game with light string accompaniments adding a lighter feeling. The score delivers a badly needed soothing effect to help keep players in a more relaxed state which makes the game more enjoyable.

Crypt of the Necrodancer – Aria Awakened

The amazing guitar work of FamilyJules is matched only in perfection by the composition of Danny Baranowsky in the score for this video game. The music of “Aria Awakened” gets you ready for action by stirring every fiber of your being. Hard rocking and getting with the program are the feelings that are evoked by this piece. A perfect complement for the game to inspire fast thinking, excitement and creativity because that is precisely what the theme song does in this case.

Oikospiel soundtrack

This songs from this sountrack are cleverly interspersed throughout the entire video game. David Kanaga takes the credit for composing the compilation of music that features Celine Dion at her very best. The music and the game become one and it would be a crime to separate them. The theme song for this video game is also known as the dog opera.

Tumbleseed theme song

The theme song for the Tumbleseed video game is reminiscent of the 1980s in style. In fact, each track of the soundtrack bears that characteristic. The game visuals feature bright colors in maze atmosphere and it is difficult to master. Jeol Corelitz brilliantly incorporated aspects of the gameplay into the themesong and it has a soothing effect on players, which is a very good thing for the sake of the equipment.

Night in the Woods

The theme song for this video game is an Alec Holowka masterpiece. Each character in the game has its own separate motif which are subject to change throughout the various seasons. The song follows the overall tone of the game and begins as light and airy. As the tone of the game darkens throughout the seasons, so does the music. Volume 3 features the Demontower soundtrack with radical keyboard and heavy metal that rocks hard.

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