Video Game Characters and Their Real Life Face Models

Compiled via reddit, this is a really cool list of a bunch of famed video game characters and the facial models that inspired them. Sure, many heroes and villains are created from scratch, but with facial mapping tech these days, there’s no reason that a real human shouldn’t be used.

Most of these are from Valve titles, but a few Mass Effect roles slid in as well. You could do it for games like LA Noire I suppose, but the characters in that game essentially ARE the actors to the point where it’s easy to ID them right off the bat.

Any significant ones you think they missed here? Check out the full gallery below:

  • Russell

    they did the crowbar really well

  • Spleenfarmer

    How about Aaron Staton from Mad Men and the title character from LA Noire?

  • Mikey

    How about the guy who played Starkiller in The Force Unleashed? Sam Witwer

  • kelley kelley

    Byung-hun Lee from Lost Planet.

  • lazybasterd

    I still say Miranda looks creepy.

  • joe

    How about that dude in that game?

  • Cylex

    My mind is blown from Max Payne. Been a fan of Max Payne since 2001 and never really thought about the actor they used for the face.

    Wish they would have kept him for the rest, even though hes a little wacky looking by todays standards.

  • Charlie Ward

    I think that Portal 2 one was a little spoilery, wasn’t it?

  • Mark Miller

    Lucy (Kristen Bell) from assassins creed 2 was pretty well done.

  • willroyboy

    DAMN mark vanderloo for his good looks!

  • Kim

    If there is one for Garrett Hawke DA2 I must know!

  • logos-r

    Where is Nathan Drake / Nolan North from Uncharted series?

  • rowdy…

    But who did they model Miranda Lawson’s arse on?

  • Liam

    You missed out Sam Witwer (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 1 and 2.

  • bunya

    lol on the crowbar, excellent

  • p

    That is not CMD shepard from mass effect shepard is femail and i cant remember his name

  • davroski591

    Another good one is Peter Mensah in Dead Space.

  • Yeti

    How could they leave 47 (David Bateson) out of this?

  • Seriously, I like the crowbar. Totally made my day hahaha.

  • Jack

    What about the french model that Desmond, Ezio and Altiär were modeled off of in Assassin’s Creed

  • alpha

    OMFG the crowbar in the real life O_O

  • alric strife

    i always thought halo 3 lord hood bore a surprising resemblence to ron pearlman any one else see that or is it just me?

  • Wesley Colvin

    They forgot Keith David as Admiral Anderson.

  • nick

    Who’s the girl in white saluting on the main link page?

  • MP
  • thechaostheory

    #nick the girl on the main page is Jessica Chobot playing her character Diana Allers in Mass Effect 3

  • Donski102

    Who’s face is the Orc in Warcraft 3 without expansion? Or Urgot in LoL

  • lv

    Bahaha. That “facial mapping tech”you speak of is actually called human with a mouse and some polygons and triangles.