Unreality’s E3 Coverage Begins Tomorrow


Will the booth babes return???

Alright, so my ticket to actually attend the event must have gotten lost in the mail, but I’m going to do my best to cover the massive two day spectacle anyways, mostly by watching an ass-ton of G4 over the next two days.

The major happenings of the show are these five press conferences, and I will be liveblogging the three most major of them (Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony). All times are west coast.

Monday, June 1st:

Microsoft Press Conference (9:30 AM)- Will the Zune HD get laughed off the stage?

EA Press Conference (2 PM) -Announcing they’re acquiring every remaining independent game studio under the sun?

Ubisoft Press Conference (5PM) – Let’s see that Assassin’s Creed 2 gameplay footage baby.

Tuesday, June 2nd:

Nintendo Press Conference (9 AM) – Will Cammie Dunaway and Shaun White reunite for an encore?

Sony Press Conference (11 AM) – PSP Go! is a go, and hopefully is not actually called that.

There of course will be other events and other news out of the show, as a lot has already been leaked (Did you see that Bayonetta trailer? Holy shit!), and I’ll do my best to cover all the major announcements that unfold.

But before everything kicks off tomorrow, what are your expectations for the show?

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