Unreality’s Borderlands 2 Co-op Friendship List of Magic

A few of you had the idea the other day that you posted in my first Borderlands 2 journal. It seems any of us don’t have friends who are also playing the game much or at all, and as such, we have to play what’s meant to be a co-op experience (and a damn good one) all by ourselves. So, assuming that Unreality readers aren’t secretly dicks (if you are, you’re doing a good job of hiding it), perhaps we can play with each other.

In the comments below, if you feel like it, you can add your PSN name, Xbox Gamertag or SteamID. Additionally, it may be helpful to post your character class and level, for better matching. Then, if you readers want to play with each other, you can. Maybe there’s a better system for doing this, but I can’t think of it. I personally am probably not going to publicly post my info, as I don’t necessarily want the whole internet linking my real name with my Gamertag, but I may friend a few of you over the weekend if I manage to find time to play.

Borderlands is fun in co-op, but you have to respect certain rules. Loot drops should not just be snatched up by whoever reaches the chest first. Frankly, there aren’t all that many weapons chests to begin with, and as such, if your class uses one type of gun more frequently than others, keep that in mind. For example, a soldier or gunzerker should probably get assault rifles. An assassin should probably get snipers or +melee weapons. A Siren? I don’t know, you probably can’t give all elemental weapons to her.

Anyway, if you play with each other (or me, I suppose), let me know how it goes!