Twenty More Excellent Video Game Wallpapers for You

  • matt

    Hey paul, check out this video, G4 put together a mega-trailer featuring nearly every game of the past year and it is truly epic to see how many amazing games their were this year

  • Democritus

    Thank you! Just in time for a fresh Windows install! 🙂

  • matty429

    For all the things wrong with the Final Fantasy series at the moment, they sure as hell do eyes well, which is quite rare in games

  • Kandice

    Love the Fallout and the first ME wallpaper, so pretty and detailed. I always get shocked to see what someone can do with photoshop and a little time on their hands.

  • Joe

    cant figure out the very last wallpaper, which game is that?

  • John

    I think the last one is Demon Souls for PS3. I really loved Dark Souls, definitely my GOTY.

  • Rob J

    Some good papers here, I particularly like the Fallout one, using the skyline image from it that was photoshopped in as my current wallpaper

  • Mr.Bomb

    Is it bad that when I saw the second Pokemon one that I thought the colors in the back ground were what the Pokemon was weak to?