Twenty More Excellent Video Game Wallpapers for You

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If you’re like me, you wait ENTIRELY too long to change your desktop wallpaper, often leaving the same one up for months, even years if you’re not paying attention.

Well today I’m here to change all that. If you’re a gamer, and you can’t find a new wallpaper in this collection, I don’t know what to tell you. This is a gallery of some pretty impressive images from many of the best games in existence, and it makes me wish I had more monitors so I didn’t have to choose.

From Bioshock to Mass Effect to Portal to Warcraft to Team Fortress and more, there’s something in this collection for everyone. Click on any of the pictures to get them wallpaper-sized.

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  • matt

    Hey paul, check out this video, G4 put together a mega-trailer featuring nearly every game of the past year and it is truly epic to see how many amazing games their were this year

  • Democritus

    Thank you! Just in time for a fresh Windows install! 🙂

  • matty429

    For all the things wrong with the Final Fantasy series at the moment, they sure as hell do eyes well, which is quite rare in games

  • Kandice

    Love the Fallout and the first ME wallpaper, so pretty and detailed. I always get shocked to see what someone can do with photoshop and a little time on their hands.

  • Joe

    cant figure out the very last wallpaper, which game is that?

  • John

    I think the last one is Demon Souls for PS3. I really loved Dark Souls, definitely my GOTY.

  • Rob J

    Some good papers here, I particularly like the Fallout one, using the skyline image from it that was photoshopped in as my current wallpaper

  • Mr.Bomb

    Is it bad that when I saw the second Pokemon one that I thought the colors in the back ground were what the Pokemon was weak to?