Top Trends and Numbers in Video Games You should Know about

As a video game enthusiast, you know very well that you are not alone. There are plenty of video game fans out there, and they’re spread out around the world. Because of this, video game developers and companies have made it a point to constantly come up with the latest innovations in the gaming industry – something which we can all certainly appreciate!

There are many trends in the video gaming industry, and the numbers also show that video gaming aficionados are rising. Let’s take a look at the top trends and numbers in video games you should know about.

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The players

When it comes to the players, the average age of video game enthusiasts is 35. Those who usually purchase the latest games have an average as well: 38. And whilst you may already know that there are plenty of households that own a gaming device, you’d also be interested to note that about 65% of households have a device used for video gaming.

What they like

An increased number of gamers are also turning more to social-oriented video games – about 48%. Aside from this, there are more gamers who are turning to their mobile phones to play their favorite games – about 53% prefer playing games on their smart phones, whilst 56% are still sticking with the classic PC.

Additionally, about 54% of regular video gamers like to play with other people, and these same individuals spend about 6 hours a week playing their preferred games online. Did you know as well that there are now more female gamers than ever? Whilst male gamers still dominate with about 59%, the number of female gamers has risen to about 41% as well.

The trend towards eSports

Nowadays, you may be surprised to learn that eSports is also gaining a lot of momentum. About 50% of regular gamers are more than familiar with eSports and how it works, and gamers who view eSports have risen from 204 million in 2014 to as much as 292 million in 2016. That’s a substantial increase – in only two years – of 43%. The total money spent on prizes by the industry is a whopping $93 million, and the average prize amount per tournament is a little more than $24,000.

The top titles when it comes to eSports are as follows: Dota, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, and Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

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