Toolish Kid Proves He Can 100% Through the Fire and the Flames in Guitar Hero


I saw a video awhile ago of some kid hitting every single note in Guitar Hero III‘s Through the Fire and the Flames. I rationally thought that somehow it must’ve been fake or hacked since you’d have to be some sort of fourteen fingered android to pull off such a feat, but my gut told me that by the way the kid was celebrating it had to be real. You can’t fake raw emotion like that, however ridiculously it was inspired.

So the kid was tired of being called a fake, so he went and did it again, but this time with an incredibly toolish intro where he calls himself “one of the greatest Guitar Hero players to ever walk this earth.” Alright kid, you win, but I also think you’re going to be 100%-ing virginity for quite some time if you keep this up.

  • Buck Rogers

    you most certainly do not rock

  • Greg

    so what if you think he looks like a tool? He did it. That does give a guy some bragging rights in the video game community. And he doesn’t look like the stereotypical videogamer who’s gonna be living in his mom’s basement and stay a virgin until he’s 33. Cut the kid some slack. So maybe he needs to cool it with the hand gestures, but that’s really the only evidence of him being a tool i’ve seen in the video. Give him a real guitar and a haircut, and he’ll turn out fine. Don’t rail on the kid because he’s WAY better at something than you are…

  • anonymous

    That’s completely insane. Now go outside and get some air your scrawnier and paler than i am.