Too. Much. Badassery.

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There’s not much else that could be in this picture that would MORE appeal to our audience here. In addition to Firefly‘s Nathan Fillion holding a replica Halo sniper rifle, I suppose like, Felicia Day could be clutching his leg while wearing a Slave Leia bikini, but the first two pieces are pretty awesome by themselves.

I actually know the backstory of this picture for a change. It was taken when Fillion was at Bungie headquarters recording his lines for his bit part in Halo Reach. Yes, he’s in the game, as Sgt. Buck if you listen closely enough, and you can actually unlock his voice for your character for $15K. In Halo 3 and ODST, Adam Baldwin and Alan Tudyk, also of Firefly flame, recorded voices with Fillion for random assorted soldiers you encountered, though I don’t think they stuck around for Reach unfortunately. In any case, all are huge Halo fans, and it’s cool to have them in this universe.

  • Velovan

    Fillion’s Firefight voice is awesome. There’s a ton of Firefly throwbacks like “Shiny!” when you find a heavy weapon, “Violence has definitely ensued!” and “Right betwixt the eye sockets!” for headshots. For a mere 15,000 credits you too can have Master Chief Mal, MJOLONIR Space Cowboy.

  • Henrik

    Damn. I was hoping this was a picture for a new movie starring him.

  • Dave

    What is with the interstitial ads now? You guys fixed the auto-play videos and added full browser ads?

    Oh, correction, the new video just started playing on its own.


  • @Dave

    Gotta pay the bills. It’s just a click.

    The video below the post is playing with sound for you?

  • David

    Not to get too anal, but this was actually from when ODST came out. Bungie had it posted on their site way back then. Not that it really matters, just saying.

  • Chrystani

    He is looking hot and bad ass here.

    But I just cant shake his stupid Castle character out my head.

    He is castle right. I didnt make that up?…

  • luthien26

    Yep, sadly – backing up what David said – this pic is more than a year old. It’s still badass as hell, but it was taken back when Nathan was recording his lines for ODST, so this one’s been out there for quite some time.