Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 Beaten in 4 Minutes


It’s been a while since I featured anything like a video game speedrun, and I didn’t really even think it was possible in a game like Tony  Hawk.

But this video proved me wrong, and has the double bonus of making me nostalgic for one of my formerly favorite game series, and being extremely impressive as the player must be some sort of virtual pro skateboarding robot to execute runs this efficient.

That’s not true though, says the player, he did this all legit:

“This run was a long time coming. I have multiple older runs uploaded to my channel, showing the progression of the route and my getting better at certain things in the run. The run is not absent of mistakes–they’re there if you know what to look for. The game is being played on the PC version–there are obvious tells throughout the run to prove it (1.01 in the bottom-left corner on the main menu, having access to Network Play, “Press O to Continue” instead of a controller’s button image, high resolution). The only version that I’m positive can be TASed at the moment is the Gamecube version. If this was TASed it would be faster–even if it was a bad TAS.”

Keep in mind that this just “beating the game” and he doesn’t complete every goal or get gold in every competition. You only need a certain amount of stuff to advance, and doing a 100% run would be something else entirely. But maybe he’ll try that next.


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