Today I Learned Ash Ketchum Was a Girl


It seems strange that the voice actor best-suited to voice a pre-teen boy is actually a middle aged woman, but hey, if it can work for Bart Simpson, I suppose it should be no surprise the same is true for Ash Ketchum.

If you’re like me, you grew up on the original Pokemon series, and though it’s moved on from it’s roots, you’ll definitely remember that classic Ash voice which was provided by this woman, Veronica Taylor.

Not sure what event this is at, but she delights the crowd with snippets of some of Ash’s classic lines. My favorite has to be “Ash falling down something.” Check it all out above.

  • Austin

    I could be wrong, but aren’t nearly all young male cartoon characters voiced by females?

  • David

    It’s actually pretty common, yeah.

    This is at Anime Boston, not sure what year. It’s the first thing she says in her “Ash voice.”

  • Avi

    Anime Boston 2009. I was there. She was such a nice woman. Really entertaining 🙂

  • cpuwhiz11

    I can confirm Avi’s statement. I was there too.

  • Jeremy
    Its heresy with fans but damn don’t I prefer the new voice actor…

  • Yautja

    Don’t have a problem with the actress, but this reminded me of how ****ing painful it was to watch that show. Ugh.

  • Piratey

    She was also the voice of Amelia in Slayers. Sweet series btw

  • Sherry Hyten

    *Keeps flinching with one eye* 0_0