Time to Start Getting Ridiculously Excited for Borderlands 2


Well, I recently just became everything wrong with the industry when I pre-ordered Borderlands 2 from Gamestop. Not to secure my copy on release day, which I deem the only acceptable reason for preordering a game, but to get the fifth class on release, the Mechromancer.

Little did I know, when I preordered I also got about fifty zillion other things like a vault chest key, some rocket launcher and a bunch of other crap. The Gamestop guy told me this is the  “best preorder bonus package of the year” thus making it the “worst” in terms of propogating this kind of crap in future. But now I’m part of the problem. OH WELL IT’S BORDERLANDS I DON’T CARE.

Anyway, check out the above hype video for the game which is narrated by Sir Hammerlock, a robot (cyborg) gentleman who gets all meta when describing his own game. Drink every time someone says “badass.”


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