This Cake is Not a Lie

A Portal-themed wedding cake? It’s awesome, but you better have the geekiest guests at your wedding ever, or everyone’s going to be looking at you like you’re crazy.

Anyway, I’m currently debating whether or not to pick up Portal 2. Critics love it, but fans are bitching it doesn’t live up to the hype. But since fans CREATED that hype, I’m not sure they’re the most trustworthy source.

It’s cheaper than a normal game, but I hear it’s only four hours long, which is pushing it for a cost/benefit ratio that favors my wallet. But perhaps I should review it for the site. Decisions, decisions!

Oh, I still need to play Dead Space 2.

  • J5

    Gamefly, man. Gamefly.

    I’ve been able to play some games I wouldnt pay for until they reached $20-$30. Like Fight Night Champion, NBA Jam & Kinect games.

  • matt

    im choosing brink over this and mortal combat and he new black ops maps. anyone else gettin brink?

  • Druke

    This is my first time posting this. GET Portal 2! I know I’ve played more than four hours and I’m not through yet!

    Also, it most definatelly does live up to the hype. I haven’t been able to do co-op yet, but single player is still going strong and I’m only at 5 hours…. yeah, I don’t think it’s counting all the hours…

  • Mortecouille

    Very nice cake indeed.
    4 hours long for Portal 2 ? The first one took a lil more than that no? Can’t remember, only did it once. Can’t wait for it anyways.

  • icy.lion

    The first Portal was about 4-5 hours, if I remember correctly. I’ve only gotten about an hour into the single player campaign for Portal 2, but it’s great. And from what I hear, the co-op campaign is where it really shines. I would definitely recommend it.

  • pariareve

    I get bored very easily with video games. I loved Portal and waited patiently for Portal 2. So far…it is amazing. And I have played for way more than 4 hours. Because the first game was so quick, I keep thinking Portal 2 is about to end…and then NOPE. New scenario. New area of the game. It is amazing. The portals are challenging, the physics is insane and the humor is better than most tv shows on right now. If you’re a fan of GOOD comedy, and intriguing video games, I recommend this game totally.

  • Don’t bye into the naysayers…There’s a lot of trolling going on over Portal 2. The critics have it right though. It’s every bit as good as the first. And certainly more than 4 hours (only someone that’s just rushing to finished would get it done in that amount of time. If you’re actually enjoying the game, listening to dialog, etc. you should expect around 8-9 hours for the single player, or twice as long, and that’s not counting co-op which I have yet to get to)

  • Jeremy

    The co-op campaign is about five hours, the main game closer to 10. As for the hype: Uh, what hype? The official marketing campaign has been low-key at best. It’s the journalists and general gaming populace that are expecting this to be the Second Coming. See, this is the problem with nerd culture; they spend massive amounts of time building up excitement for something that isn’t out yet, then turn on it as soon as it releases That is, when they even show up to support what they were hyping (see: Scott Pilgrim). You can’t please these people.

  • Portal 2 was the best campaign I have played in a few years. Definitely worth the $42 I spent on it.

  • mergedloki

    Portal 2 may be short but who cares? I had more fun with it’s short SP campaign then I do with these games that stretch stuff out so they can boast ’60+ hours of gameplay’ and…? I don’t have the time to invest 60+ hours into a single player game.

    Plus the Portal 2 co op (so i’ve read) is a completely seperate game from its’ SP.

    Portal 2 is definently worth the money.