Four Things I Miss About Older Video Game Set Ups

This is in no way a cry from me or wish that video game return to the old way.  I think the technology and innovations that we’ve seen in the gaming industry have been incredible over the last 10 years.   Games are now more realistic, have better music, and even have trailers that are better than most movie trailers.

The experience is more interactive than ever not to mention you can now play against people from all parts of the world.  It’s pretty awesome.  However there are some small things that I do in fact miss about the old days.

Things that may seem silly but to us older generations who used to play Nintendo, we’re allowed to gripe a little….

Simple Controllers

Remember Atari?  That was a little stick and a button.  That’s it!  And to be perfectly honest I wasn’t even thinking about Atari.  I was thinking about Nintendo.  Up, down, left, right, B, A, select, start.  Contra!  Seriously though remember those days?  Nice and easy.  But since games have become so detailed so to have been the mechanisms for controlling the game characters.  I miss the simple days.  Now there are sensors and twisty things.  I don’t know what  the hell is going on.  And now Kinect?  Ahhhhhh

Blowing on Cartridges

You might think this is funny and ridiculous but I kind of miss the days when playing a game was a challenge.  Remember having to blow on the Nintendo cartridges back in the day?  Sure it was a pain in the ass but it made playing the game that much better when it finally showed up on the screen.  The point is, sometimes I miss the days when setting up to play a game was an event in itself.

The Special Accessories were Cooler

In today’s gaming world the technology is so awesome that you don’t really need accessories.  Granted you’ve got things like Guitar Hero drums and guitar.  Hell there are little things that make it seem like you’re racing in a car.  But I don’t know.  I just feel like things like the Power Glove and the special controller for Street Fighter II were way cooler than the stuff you see today.   Today you flat out don’t need those things.  The technology is just too darned good.

Games Took Up So Much More Space

It may again sound silly but back in the old days it was bragging rights when you opened up a closet and boom!  You had like 95 nintendo games.  That took up a lot of real estate.  Today?  Today you can just put the CD’s into a booklet and you’re done.  Nothing to brag about.  No real amounts of space being taken up.  No more bragging rights and “trophy” rooms so to speak.


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