There’s Hope for ‘Borderlands’ Yet


So if you read my Day 1 Journal of Borderlands yesterday, you know that it didn’t make such a good first impression on me. But that being said, I’d say about 15 of my last 30 hours have been spent playing the game, and not to spoil the theme of my next journal entry, but I like it much more now as a lot of the things I complained about fixed themselves as time went on.

But what’s  really piqued my interest is this picture of a high level alien gun, simply called the “10110 Cannon.” For those of you who don’t read code (myself included), I’m told that it says, “22 Cannon” with the description reading “OMG.” How good is that damage? Well to compare, my current sniper rifle at level 20 does about 180, though I’m not really sure if 1559 is high or low at level 46.

Tune in next week for part two of my Borderlands review.

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