The World’s Biggest Mortal Kombat Fan


I’m not sure whether to file this under “awesome” or “insane.” I’m down with video game tattoos, but man, this is some ridiculous dedication right here.

Shouldn’t one of the two combatants be stunned and swirling their head around? It also would have been cool to capture the fatality in motion, like Scorpion doing his famed “pulling on the ol’ heartstrings” maneuver that leaves his opponent with gaping hole in his chest.

At least he didn’t put Smoke on there. Smoke sucks ass.

  • Madison

    Lame…but it beats those Avatar tattoos.

  • Anubiswrath

    haha what he said ^^

  • chrystani

    Right… But I feel you.

    Why get a “Finish him” tattoo and not go all out with an action stance.

    Better yet, he should have done an “Annihalation” pic.

  • Jbo

    I’ have to say that it was Kano, not Scorpion, that pulled his opponent’s heart out of his chest.

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