The Wind Waker Rhapsody


Bohemian Rhapsody set to almost anything is usually a good time, but that’s particularly the case today when someone had the good sense to make a Wind Waker montage based around the song.

The result is predictably awesome, and makes me want to go play the game….for the first time.

Yes, yes, I know, nerd sacrilege, but I never owned a Gamecube, and I don’t own a Wii U so I probably won’t be playing the HD version either. Is it really the best Zelda game or is that an exaggeration? I’ve heard both claims made.

Oh well, experiencing it in Queen form might be the best I can hope for.

  • bpm

    If you’re man enough to watch an epic animated movie, and not complain that “it’s a kiddie cartoon” then yes, you should really play it.

    It’s the most epic Zelda game ever made. If you can get past the too-few dungeons (a couple were cut at the last minute) and the tedious triforce shard quest at the end (inserted at the last minute to pad the length because of the previously mentioned dungeon cuts) then you will find it to be the most funny, moving, gripping, and “fun” Zelda game yet made.

    It’s like playing an awesome animated adventure.

  • Giauz

    I like the video above as well. This game, Majora’s Mask, and Skyword sword are ripe for amvs.

  • TotesMcGotes

    Everyone who likes,you know,good games should play Wind Waker. It’s fantastic. It’s my personal favorite Zelda.

  • Bigdog

    There’ no WAY I’m going to miss out on the HD remake. And you shouldn’t either, Paul.

    I skipped the Gamecube. Years later, when I got a Wii, I thought “What the hell, why not? Let me try this out” and have been kicking myself ever since for having skipped it.

    So yeah, you should pick this up. If anything, you’ll be able can catch up on the gems that you missed out on the Wii library while you’re at it. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Semilitterate

    Can’t comment on the vid except to say that it was nicely synchronized with the music, which is why I clicked on the link in the first place. Great music