The Urban Legend of Majora’s Haunted Mask


From our good friends at 4chan, who originally brought us The Urban Legend of Pokemon Black, comes this new harrowing tale, about a guy who bought a copy of Majora’s Mask from a creepy old man at a garage sale who said it belonged to a boy “who didn’t live there anymore,” and the game turns out to be haunted.

Instead of pasting all the text below (it’s long), I invite you to read the entire thread here first before you watch the video above, which unlike the Pokemon Black story, actually backs up some of the things he claims in the story.

Sure, it’s probably not haunted, and the story itself isn’t true, but some twisted person did hack the game and create this nightmare scenario which is undeniably unnerving as you watch it.

There’s one more equally creepy part to the story, the BEN file mentioned, which implied that the boy who used to own the game might have drowned. Check it out below: