The Unreality T-Shirt Contest Winners

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Two weeks ago we had a contest on Unreality where two lucky winners were to receive $55 credits to All you had to do was send me the best piece of The Legend of Zelda fan art you could find.

The two winners are Adam and DontBeaGoof. Goof’s selection is above, which I hadn’t seen before and I really just loved. Adam picked the epic piece of art below that about 10 other people posted as well, but he was the first to do so.

As a result of the contest, I’ve managed to assemble quite a great gallery of Zelda fan art below. Even if you didn’t win, thanks for playing and we’ll no doubt have another contest soon.

  • Sam

    How the hell did the one with the milk not win?! You are a terrible judge of art. Erotic or otherwise. 🙂

  • DontbeaGoof

    Sweet I won. I don’t know the artists name which is unfortunate, otherwise I would have given the credit. Thanks Paul, I come on the site every day keep it up.

  • Sara C.

    Really? The one where he’s pouring Lon Lon milk on her tits? “Great” artwork. The winner, however, is awesome.

  • Giauz

    The eleventh from the bottom is pure ALttP nostalgic win (he just needs pink hair).

    And, how is that second from the top even possible? That awesomeness is just too… devoted, obsessive, unimaginably all-encompassing! Props to that artist winning the internet!

  • Kandice

    Me gusta. The bathroom break one was my fav. This is a good gallery. Though I don’t even play zelda, it was still cool to look through.

    I didn’t even notice the milk one til someone pointed it out, it’s so retarded it’s funny.

  • Brandi

    So crushed I missed this! I have a ridiculous amount of amazing zelda art collected on my pin board. Oh well, next time 🙂