The Tragic Reality of Pokemon Battles

(click on the narrow image to enlarge)

We talk about Pokemon a lot on the site here, but often we forget what it’s fundamentally about. This is essentially kids dogfights, pitting their captured pets against each other where they bit, scratch, drown, burn or electrify their way to victory.

So what does that look like in the interim between when the battle is over, and when Nurse Joy can magically heal all their injuries? decided to do a digital print of exactly the kind of injuries you might expect your Pokemon to sustain. There’s a lot of creative stuff in there, as each injury is unique to the Pokemon afflicted by it. I particularly liked insane Psyduck, rabid Eevee and Million Dollar Baby Hitmonlee. Click on the tiny image above to blow it up to full size.

  • Avi

    What about the Ghostbuster Ghost capture! That is totally cheating to beat a ghost pokemon that way!

  • Javier

    Paul Paul Paul, i would’ve expected that kind of mistake from others not from a fellow Poke-fan

    HitmonCHAN is the boxing one, HitmonLEE is the kicking one

    it’s ok, i’ll let it slide (sorry if i sounded snotty but cleaning my room i found my pack of Pokemon cards and took a trip down memory lane reading all of them)

  • they took snorlax’s kidney!!!!

  • Kala

    OMG, this makes me want to cry!!!! Though the psyduck ina straight-jacket is pretty funny…. But still!!!